Vaccination complete for Bay’s ‘most vulnerable’

Image: Rosa Woods/Stuff.

Health officials have confirmed that the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to current rest home residents and staff in the Bay of Plenty is now complete.

New District Health Board figures have revealed more than 6000 vaccinations have been administered to aged residential care staff and residents, as of July 1.

The recipients of the Pfizer vaccine fall into Group 2 of the government’s four-tier rollout programme, which includes high-risk frontline healthcare workers as well as those that work or live in a long-term residential environment.

Bay of Plenty Covid-19 Incident Controller, Trevor Richardson, says protecting those most at risk has taken precedence since vaccinations started earlier this year.

“One of our highest priorities in the vaccine rollout is the protection of our community’s most vulnerable, including our grandmothers and grandfathers, kaumātua and kuia,” he says.

“These figures show that all current aged residential care facility residents and staff have been offered two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.”

New data show approximately 55,000 vaccinations have been administered across the Bay of Plenty district to more than 34,000 people.

These figures include more than 14,000 vaccinations administered to the Bay of Plenty healthcare workforce.

“The vaccine is our best protection against the virus and we’re committed to an equitable rollout for our community,” adds Trevor.

New residents are being offered the vaccine as they move in.

The Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine is being rolled out according to priority groups established by the Ministry of Health.

More information on the region’s rollout can be found here.

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Posted on 03-07-2021 08:47 | By

It’s an incompetent mess, littered with BS and smoke. Other countries are onto vaccinating children and opening borders. They are planning the booster jabs to start soon with those. New Zealand is more than 6 months behind the developed world and the gap will only grow. Pathetic.

not everyone

Posted on 02-07-2021 14:34 | By kiwigirl41

I have been made aware that if you live in a retirement residence and you have your own apartment that you have not had the jab. Why weren’t these vulnerable people (some of whom are in their 90’s) given the jab when everyone else were done?

A pat on the back...

Posted on 02-07-2021 13:14 | By morepork

... for what has been achieved, but it is much less than should have been. When you call a line and there is no response for over 20 minutes, I’m sorry, but I can’t get excited about that. When the goalposts are redefined and moved so that group 3 is no longer eligible, and the other groups are moved even further back, I don’t see cause for celebration. Yes, there have been problems with supply (and these are ongoing), but I don’t believe that everything that COULD have been done WAS done. Nevertheless, it is what it is and we’ll be able to judge it better by the end of July...

Not all the vulnerable

Posted on 02-07-2021 12:57 | By The Sage

I have a Mother in her late 80’s with a heart condition and a 90 year old Uncle who still haven’t been vaccinated and have to wait until August. Meanwhile they invite younger people to make appointments. The whole vaccine rollout is poor and not systematic. Meanwhile they are crazy enough to be opening quarantine free travel to 4 Australian states on Sunday.