Two crashes in Tauranga in one hour

File photo.

Emergency services are dealing with two crashes in the Tauranga region.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says there is a crash near the Windermere roundabout in Poike.

"It was car versus scooter. There was one person on the road."

A police spokesperson says one lane of the roundabout was blocked initially by car, but road reported to be clear at 9:34am.

Meanwhile, reports have also come in of a car that has rolled on Maunganui Road, near Golf Road.

A SunLive reader says a vehicle was on its side near the railway tracks.

"Police were notified of a car on its side near the railway tracks on Hewletts Rd at 8.27am.

"There were no reports of injuries. Kiwirail has been advised and trains halted."

Police say as at 9.41am, the vehicle is reported to have been moved.

At the scene?

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Time for fines and more!

Posted on 16-07-2021 12:27 | By

We need harsher consequences for poor, irresponsible, and dangerous driving which I see is causing regular crashes, injuries and death. Maybe it’s time for fines for anyone who has intentionally or unintentionally been the cause of any accident and def more speed cameras around the bay (hit people where it hurts them financially, as crashes are hurting others and our health system) along with every 10 year re-applying for your licence by actually passing a driving test (Many will fail). Occurring offenders need defensive driving courses and if that doesn’t work harsher penalties including loosing their licence and/or vehicle. Our roads aren’t great, but a I would say a decent number of drivers on our roads, are appalling... not driving carefully or to the laws or conditions!