Tauranga Council to consider Links Ave cul-de-sac

A six month trial of the system could run alongside community consultation. Photo: SunLive.

Tauranga City Council commissioners will receive a recommendation next week to turn Links Ave into a cul-de-sac, on an initial trial basis, to increase safety along the busy street.  

The recommendation follows council engagement of contractors to undertake a safe system review.

The review indicates the implementation of a cul-de-sac, therefore preventing motorists using the street as a rat run, to reduce traffic volumes as the most viable way to improve safety.

The recommendation follows the identification of a “tangible risk” to pedestrians and cyclists using the path on Links Ave.

A 'No Exit' sign, per the recommendation, would be placed at Golf Road.

Long-term, the bus lane along Links Ave could also be removed due to the decrease in overall traffic.

Safety concerns have previously been raised from residents along Links Ave.

Mount Maunganui Intermediate School is located on the road, which, according to the Council recommendation, has seen a 3000 vehicle per day uptake in usage since the start of construction works on the Baylink to Bayfair project began.

The review suggests implementation of the cul-de-sac could significantly reduce the amount of traffic, especially in the area around the school at peak traffic times.

The recommendation to commissioners suggests the best way to improve safety for all users is to reduce traffic volumes, with a cul-de-sac considered the most practical option to do so.

Commissioners will consider the recommendation at a council meeting next Monday.

Following the meeting, a trial could be implemented quickly.

The recommendation to commissioners highlights a trial period, likely to last at least six months, could have an almost immediate start to hasten any safety improvement.

Wider consultation could then be undertaken with the community during the trial period.

An innovative streets style consultation process is part of the recommendation being put toward commissioners with a timeline of three to six months likely. A $400,000 budget is recommended to be set aside in the Long Term Plan in order to undertake that consultation.

The notes show the Arataki Community Liaison Group discounted the cul-de-sac option due to the impact on traffic volumes.

The ACLG clarify they are not a decision making body and that the group has not ruled out any options.

“The Arataki Community Liaison Group is not a decision making body and the group has not discounted any options, but have been waiting on the safety report, along with many others in the community,” says an ACLG spokesperson.

Traffic is likely to increase along Maunganui Road and Oceanbeach Road as a consequence of the cul-de-sac on Links Ave, with council predicting an additional 2000 vehicles per day on each road.

Installation of a permanent cul-de-sac could cost an estimated $500,000 to $1 million, dependent on its location, according to a council staff report.

Other actions currently in progress to improve the safety along Links Ave include the recently approved heavy vehicle ban in some Mount Maunganui residential areas, the installation a 30km/h variable speed zone in the vicinity of Mount Maunganui Intermediate School and an additional pedestrian crossing on Golf Road.

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READ a newer item -

Posted on 21-06-2021 23:13 | By The Caveman


It's simple

Posted on 21-06-2021 16:52 | By TheCameltoeKid

They don’t want us in cars. I reckon part of the problem is the fact of the Mummy Brigade that insist on dropping their little darlings off to school instead of riding to school on a God-dammed bicycle. It’s daft that every morning we’re held up by these Tarts that moan about the traffic yet are to stupid to realise that most of them are the cause of it!

Don't worry folks -

Posted on 20-06-2021 12:52 | By The Caveman

Like all of these so called council consultations, it’s a DONE DEAL, before the public ever gets to hear about it !!!

Check the calender!

Posted on 19-06-2021 20:02 | By

NO it is not April Fools Day for some time, someone who OBVIOUSLY does not have to use Maunganui, Oceanbeach, or Links Ave on any average weekday morning is showing a distinct lack of awareness of how traffic flows on these three roads...get out and drive each road for A WEEK....then see how intelligent the cul-de-sac decision would be.... B Walker


Posted on 19-06-2021 19:18 | By

So the Link Ave residents have been bashing TCC for 12 months to close the road off to cars. And now of course another group attack TCC for doing what the community has asked for. I’m not sure that anyone can win in the city where cars are more important than people. Seems odd, last time I checked cities were for people. Not angry boomers driving their Utes. Love the comment about parents teaching their kids to cross the road correctly. I mean what sort of sad person do you have to be to think you and your car are more important that child safety.

Read the Statement (2)

Posted on 19-06-2021 17:28 | By JeffLaw

It actually says ’The road would be closed to exit at Golf Road’ which, apart from bad grammar, is meaningless. It seems to imply that the Golf Road exit would be closed.

read the statement

Posted on 19-06-2021 14:43 | By usandthem

It says that Links Ave would exit at Golf Rd not close off the exit at Golf Rd.


Posted on 19-06-2021 11:32 | By

Another $million down the drain. For “safety”. Just moves more traffic to another road which will mean people driving more quickly to beat the inevitable bottlenecks. So it doesn’t even work on “safety” grounds, let alone the financial waste and creating more bottlenecks. As you’d expect though with the clowns in charge at every level of government.

Links Ave Resident

Posted on 19-06-2021 10:35 | By JeffLaw

Close off the exit from Links Ave to Golf Road? They must be totally unaware that people live in Links Ave and would then need to drive to Bayfair in order to turn around to get to the Mount CBD or Tauranga - nutty! If people are so concerned about the safety of schoolchildren, why do they not teach them to obey the traffic rules, use the provided pedestrian crossings, and do not run across the road in front of cars! As for cyclists, they have the right to use the footpath along most of Links Ave, so should not be on the road. Common sense should prevail!

Sniffs I’d Labour policy

Posted on 19-06-2021 10:28 | By Johnney

Geez we hate cars. Another attack on motorists. Why not make it bicycles only. With the upcoming circus to completely change Cameron Rd why don’t they make Devonport Rd and Fraser St clear ways in the morning and afternoon peak rush. Don’t have a lot of confidence with all this tweaking of our roads.