Alleged gang fight at Tauranga Hospital

The incident happened over the weekend in the car park of the hospital. File photo/SunLive.

Investigations are underway into an incident at Tauranga Hospital over the weekend.

The Bay of Plenty District Health Board say a “minor incident took place in our car park which the police were called to”.

However, Tauranga MP Simon Bridges argues that the incident was not minor.

In a post on Twitter, Bridges says he was visiting his elderly father at Tauranga Hospital when he saw patched gang members taking over the entrance.

He says someone was being badly beaten in the car park in a gang fight.

The DHB have responded by saying the incident was not major, and that it was quickly resolved.

“We are not aware of any situation where gang members allegedly took over the hospital reception area and so far no staff on duty, including our security team who are based at the hospital entrance, have been able to validate this,” says a spokesperson for the DHB.

“However, we have instigated an investigation and would ask any members of the public who may have witnessed the reported incidents to please contact us and let us know what they observed by email to:

“Meanwhile, we can assure the public that our security team will be maintaining presence at the hospital entrance as normal.”


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@By Yadick

Posted on 15-06-2021 09:26 | By Merlin

It was proven gangs were not involved in this altercation it is more like just an attempt at political point scoring to me.I remember the homeless man in MIQ incident also.


Posted on 14-06-2021 21:44 | By

If what Rosie2o states in the earlier article then quite possibly from a hospital room Bridges may very well have THOUGHT what he saw was what he saw. It may very well be a mistake however gangs deserve every bit of bad rap they get. What the hell are they doing at a public hospital with kids, elderly, etc, wearing their try-hard patches.

Sorry Simon

Posted on 14-06-2021 21:30 | By

Perhaps what you saw wasn’t what you described. You’re good for Tauranga but this time you could be mistaken.

I Know

Posted on 14-06-2021 09:59 | By Merlin

I know who I believe over this and it is the Police who attended the situation not the Politician.The Police have said gang members were not involved and the issue was resolved.