Arrest in Tauranga after threatening online video

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A man has been arrested over an alleged threatening video posted online that the Māori Party laid a complaint about. 

The arrest follows a Police investigation of multiple complaints, including a number from Te Pāti Māori,  about the specific video, says a statement from police.

The 44-year-old man was arrested in Tauranga this afternoon and charged with making an objectionable publication.

He is expected to appear in Tauranga District Court on Thursday June 10.

As the matter is before the court, Police are not in a position to comment further at this time, says the statement.

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There is a lot of anger...

Posted on 06-06-2021 15:34 | By morepork

... and frustration on both sides of the Racial fence at the moment and the stupid, short-sighted, policies of secrecy and stealth being implemented by the current Government are simply turning back the clock on Racism. Without transparency and a level playing field there will never be social justice for any of us. If we are not allowed to discuss concerns and issues without being shouted down or labelled "Racist" what chance is there for us? It needs to stop and there needs to be true communication, understanding, and goodwill on all sides. I believe it will take a change of Government, and I am not normally a "political animal".