Excessive force used to restrain drunk man

Several officers placed the man on the ground and restrained him. File photo/SunLive.

Force used by a Bay of Plenty Police officer to restrain a drunk man has been ruled excessive.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has overseen a police investigation into reports of a police officer in the BOP used force to restrain a man, says an IPCA report released today.

The man was very intoxicated and had a self-inflicted injury.

Police called an ambulance to attend to him.

Details of when and where the incident happened have not been released.

“While waiting for the ambulance, the man became aggressive towards police officers, who felt it necessary to restrain him,” says the IPCA.

Several officers placed him on the ground and restrained him.

One of the officers placed his knee on the back of the man's head while the man was lying on the pavement, says the IPCA.

“The officer applied force by leaning forward onto the man's head, causing some of his teeth to crack.

“The investigation found that the force used was excessive and not justified.

“The man did not want to take the matter any further and police decided not to charge the officer.

“Police dealt with the officer's conduct through an appropriate employment process.”

The Authority agrees with the police findings and outcome.


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The Unknown

Posted on 03-06-2021 21:38 | By

What we don’t read about here is the state of this mans teeth to start with. Were they brittle and rotten? We just don’t know. However, I hate to say this but if that Officer was you or me we’d be charged without hesitation. That said, our Police have a bloody tough job and take a lot of flak for others stupidity and PC self entitlement. As morepork points out, where I grew up if you got away with a cracked tooth for getting stroppy with the Police you basically got off Scot free. To our honest Police, thank you for your service.

@Honesty is the Best Policy

Posted on 03-06-2021 13:19 | By morepork

Here’s a bumper sticker I once observed in Texas... "If you don’t like Cops, next time you’re in trouble, call for a Hippie..." Kiwi cops deserve our respect; you should see what happens in some other countries...


Posted on 03-06-2021 06:45 | By

Typical the p get away with it once again the cop should be charged. They get away with it so easy. I have no time for them as they are usless u ring then they dont even turn up. As ive seen then driving and txting wrong weres there fine

It's easy.

Posted on 02-06-2021 23:56 | By morepork

Don’t expect a good outcome if you decide to get drunk and act like a Numpty. Cops are Human; they react to things and even the best of discipline can be lost in the heat of a moment. It DOES sound excessive but we weren’t there so cannot judge. I’m sorry the man’s teeth were cracked and it is right and proper that the incident was investigated.

Over reaction.

Posted on 02-06-2021 19:48 | By rogue

If you don’t garner the attention of the police they won’t have need to knock out some teeth. I fully support our Police, they do the job that the weak in our society don’t have the stomach for. I can only imagine the PC do gooders smashing their keyboards when the police choose not to arrest clowns like this guy & he goes on to assault, rape or kill an innocent member of our society. NZ Police carry on doing a sterling job, much respect.

Support our cops

Posted on 02-06-2021 16:36 | By

Most of us have been around people who have become aggressive and abusive because they’re too stupid to stop drinking. Those that are called in to deal with aggressive morons didn’t force the moron to pour the alcohol down their throat and yet we expect them to protect the community from the aggression with one hand tied behind their back... Why do we accept drunkenness as something that’s acceptable and is an excuse for antisocial behaviour...?