Grant making a difference for young BOP families

The team from All 4 Love with their $5000.

A Tauranga charity organisation is providing for new parents across Tauranga.

All 4 Love, run by Kam Lloyd, is the recent recipient of the Tauranga Crossing’s Local Legends campaign.

They walked away with $5000 to put towards their community initiative.

Volunteers work with local midwives and social workers to find out what families need to get on their feet.

“All 4 Love is where we collect donated goods, we wash and clean them, then we hand them out to midwives and social workers, to give to families in need with newborns right through to five-year-olds,” says Kam.

Kam says she was blown away when she found out that All 4 Love had won the grant, and that the money will make a big difference to the people they work with in the community.

“I was actually in the supermarket when I found out that I won the grant, and all these people looked at me as I was screaming down the phone,” says Kam.

“From the feedback we are getting already, this makes a huge difference in the community. Sometimes people need everything and some just need a few things – like a bassinet and some clothes – we have all that in stock and we give out what the midwives ask us to donate.”

She says the organisation has a few plans for the money, but there’s still some more thinking to do.

“The first thing we’ll do with the money is sort out some more shelving and storage containers because we’ve run out, then we’ll sit down with the midwives and social workers and find out what they think the mum’s need in the packs.”

Kam would like to extend All 4 Love’s support to the parents of the newborns and she would love to be able to give some money to her team of ‘crafty’ volunteers for knitting and sewing materials.

Kam’s love and commitment to her charity work is clear. As she shows the new shed being built at her place to house this growing operation and the piles of donations being sorted in her spare room, she tells says: “it’s the smile on the mum’s face that makes it all worth it”.

Tauranga Crossing runs the Local Legends campaign every three months. Now’s the time to get your nominations in for the next cycle by visiting:


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