Heavy vehicle ban for Mount Maunganui streets

Part of Oceanbeach Road, between Golf and Girven Road, will be subject to change. File Image. SunLive.

Tauranga City Council commissioners have voted to ban heavy vehicles from numerous roads in Mount Maunganui to “protect the quality of life” for residents.

Heavy vehicles are set to be banned in the area stretching from Golf Road and Girven Road after an amendment to the Traffic and Parking Bylaw was adopted by commissioners this week.

A potential ban on heavy vehicles from the region has been on the cards in recent months after concerns were raised by residents in Links Avenue, Farm Street and the surrounding area.

Commission chair Anne Tolley admits as a motorist herself, she understands why road users might be avoiding the busier roads, especially in light of the ongoing work related to the Baypark to Bayfair Link.

She’s also been reminded by community liaison groups, that it’s important to remember these are residential streets.

“This is actually an area where people live,” she says.

“This is where they raise their families and where they live on a day-to-day basis.”

She says it should be expected that an “urban environment has urban traffic”.

Commissioners will now continue to liaise with Waka Kotahi Transport Agency about providing roading for the large number of heavy vehicles, in particular relating to the Port of Tauranga, in the area.

But she says the decision to keep heavy vehicles off of urban streets is in order to “protect the quality of life” of residents.

Commissioners will be presented with a report into application of the bylaw and its impact on further roading issues six months after the implication of the bylaw.

No implementation will be put into place until signage has been installed in relevant areas.

A separate report into potential further safety improvements for Links Avenue is also scheduled to be presented to commissioners in the near future.  

Heavy motor vehicles are set to be prohibited at all times from the following streets:

·   Aintree Place

·   Ascot Place

·   Ascot Road

·   Berescourt Place

·   Berwick Place

·   Carter Street

·   Carysfort Street

·   Compton Place

·   Concord Avenue

·   Crane Street

·   Epsom Road

·   Kinross Place

·   Harris Street

·   Huia Avenue

·   Lachlan Avenue

·   Leander Street

·   Links Avenue

·   Paterson Street

·   Pukaki Street

·   Salt Avenue

·   Solway Place

·   Spur Avenue

·   Stawell Avenue

·   Surf Road

·   Part of Farm Street between Farm Street and Concord Ave

·   Part of Taupo Avenue between Marlin Street and Paterson Street

·   Part of Oceanbeach Road between Golf and Girven Roads

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Posted on 03-06-2021 12:24 | By

This is a great idea. Can we please have the same in Greerton, where many trucks, buses etc. use suburban streets to avoid lights, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings. Mansels Rd, Poole St, Greerton Rd and others have continual heavy traffic, even during the night.


Posted on 02-06-2021 18:29 | By dumbkof2

no more rubbish trucks down those roads

Tom Ranger

Posted on 01-06-2021 15:00 | By

No more houses being built there ever then. Let me guess...they will be able to apply for an exemption which costs one arm and one leg.

Mt traffic

Posted on 01-06-2021 14:45 | By

Heavy traffic? Useless people don’t catch bus and take car everyday and blame bus service everytime as excuse. Stupid council encouraging push bikes on hewletts road on bus lane, asking for someone to be run over by bus. People will always moan and groan. Just remember bus/ truck driver got as much right to be on road as everyone else. If you really want less traffic, put a ridiculous price for parking cars in town center/ mt maunganui. Put some money into having railway service, from bayfair to mt. and city, so u can tackle traffic congestion for future. Normally I see 1 person per car, pisses me off. Then sane people complain about traffic. God bless our council.


Posted on 01-06-2021 13:38 | By

I’m guessing that buses aren’t heavy vehicles then... let’s hope nobody wants to employ a moving company or have heavy items delivered. But that’s what irresponsible governance does without thinking, pretty soon we’ll have every busybody "good neighbour" petitioning council for every neighbourhood in town to be covered. If it’s a school issue, put restrictions in around the school banning ALL vehicles between certain times.

Oh how nice for the pampered Mount

Posted on 01-06-2021 13:33 | By Makkas1313

How about Tauranga?? And the huge amount of heavy vehicles transiting through Welcome Bay? Why not ban the empty busses from narrow Welcome Bay streets. . . They actually make my house shake!