Release plan sought for convicted Mauao killer

The murder took place on Mauao in 1989. File photo.

The man sentenced to life in prison for the 1989 murder of Monica Cantwell in Mount Maunganui has not been granted parole at his latest hearing.

However, the New Zealand Parole Board is advising that a “detailed plan” begin to take shape regarding his reintegration.

Charles John Coulam was convicted for murder and assault to commit sexual violation in December 1989.

British backpacker Monica was just one week into a trip to New Zealand when, whilst walking the northern summit track on Mauao on November 20, 1989, she was raped and strangled.

Her body was found three days later after friends reported her missing.

The prisoner is currently serving his life sentence in a secure mental health facility and became eligible for parole in 1999.

At a Parole Board hearing on April 28 his status as an “undue risk” was upheld and parole was therefore denied.

However, pending further assessment of his current conditions, it is advised that a “detailed plan” should now be developed which could eventually form the basis of a release plan.

The Parole Board instructs that it is “vital” to establish where Coulam, now 51, might reside if granted parole and what special conditions should be enforced.

At his previous parole hearing on May 11, 2020, it was confirmed that Coulam had been reintroduced into having open leaves from the facility but that had been delayed in 2019 after he was found to have accessed pornography through his phone.

Prior to that he had mostly completed his rehabilitation work and reintegration work was underway.

Coulam is scheduled to have another hearing by the end of October 2021 where an updated psychological assessment, updated report from his current facility and a further psychological assessment identifying precise proposed release conditions will be presented.

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@ Bob Landy + B.C.

Posted on 30-05-2021 21:29 | By

Great ideas. Well said. He will strike again.

Time for life imprisonment for convicted killers

Posted on 30-05-2021 13:33 | By

I would say that anybody who does this to another human being should never be allowed back into society again. Our justice system needs to start protecting our communities and stop believing they can integrate convicted murderers back into the community like he’s simply a handbag thief! If he is sick he needs to go to a permeant care facility securely away from the public, otherwise he can simply spend the rest of his life behind bars (I’d rather help pay for this in taxes, than have to worry about him doing this to me or anyone else ever again) He lost his life privileges when he took a life, so the least NZ and our people deserve, is to know they are permanently safe from this horrendous convicted rapist and killer.

Where To Live?

Posted on 30-05-2021 12:44 | By

In the spare room of whoever grants him parole.


Posted on 29-05-2021 18:45 | By

Unless the parole board can either reincarnate Monica Cantwell Or at the least guarantee 100% with full liability that Coulam will never reoffend - Then he needs to stay where he is. Imagine if it was your daughter/partner/sister

Problem solved

Posted on 29-05-2021 18:17 | By

Drop him off at White Island

Leave him locked up

Posted on 29-05-2021 17:25 | By The Sage

Monica Cantwell had no release plan after she was murdered. If let out, this guy will continue to offend.