Commissioners to meet with community tonight

Commissioners will field questions about the LTP. Photo. Rosalie Liddle Crawford.

Tauranga City commissioners and council staff will be answering questions from the community this evening.

They will be fielding questions about the city’s Long-Term Plan and other community issues.

The meeting will be held with the Avenue Resident’s Group at St. Marys School Hall on Thirteenth Avenue at 5.30pm.

The event has been organised by the Grace Road and Neighbourhood Residents Association.

“Commissioners and Council Staff will be there to answer any questions and help you make out submissions,” says GRANRA chairman Phil Green.

The LTP was opened to public consultation on May 7 and will remain open until June 7.

“Everyone is welcome to attend to put their views forward regarding the LTP 2021 - 2031 and any other community items,” Phil states.

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Posted on 29-05-2021 16:24 | By morepork

I am not by nature, grumpy. In fact, I pretty much enjoy my life and love being "home" (Tauranga), knowing that this is the best place in the World (for me, at least, to live.) I think you need to look again at what "engagement" means. Just because you visit somebody or are in a room with them, does NOT constitute "engagement". Even if you listen and discuss points (although that is better) it is still not "engagement". Until you actually take on board what is being said and ACT on it, there is no real "engagement"; all you did was "go through the motions".


Posted on 28-05-2021 16:47 | By Kancho

And still told the usual and defending staff stuff ups . Consultation I found years ago means nothing its not agreement more being told how it’s going down regardless.


Posted on 28-05-2021 13:38 | By morepork

My suggestions (I won’t be there for much the same reasons you mentioned): 1. Instead of spending 45 million on Cameron Road, sell the Buffalo Buses and replace them with smaller cheaper eco-friendly units. Then buy a 45 million desalination plant so we can never go short of water. 2. Why wasn’t the unjustifiable new garbage scheme stopped in its tracks before it went too far and is now irretrievable. Who was behind it? Who was responsible? Why weren’t Kiwi companies favored over foreign ones? 3. What measures to improve TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY are being planned by Commissioners? Of course, nothing along these lines will be discussed; it will just be the usual self back patting for the incredibly difficult job they are having to do and how they are REALLY trying to make it better. Cynical? Me?... never. Just realistic.


Posted on 28-05-2021 13:19 | By

This lot of commissioners have done more engagement with community and business groups than the past three councils combined. But of course, the usual grumpy people still complain.

5.30 rush hour

Posted on 28-05-2021 09:48 | By Kancho

Ha what a great time for a meeting ! Can’t see me joining the grid lock nor working people being able to get there to hear duck shoving and PR spin. I would be asking about staff levels and what accountability they have for all the obvious failures