Rare blood supermoon lights up night sky

Last night's blood moon. Photos: John Borren/SunLive.

A rare blood supermoon captured the attention of many overnight.

The phenomenon happened when a supermoon and eclipse took place at the same time. The last time this happened was 40 years ago. 

The supermoon rose around 6pm, but the eclipse wasn't expected to start until closer to 9pm.

Photo: John Borren.

The timeline of the eclipse was:

Penumbral eclipse begins: 8.47pm
Partial eclipse begins: 9.44pm
Full eclipse begins: 11.11pm
Maximum eclipse: 11.18pm
Full eclipse ends: 11.25pm
Partial eclipse ends: 12.52am
Penumbral eclipse ends: 1.49am

According to Nasa, this is the year’s “most super” moon.

Check out some of the photos SunLive has been given of last night's rare event below.

Photo: Cayla-Fay Euinton.

Photos: Cameron Avery.

The supermoon as seen from the mangroves on Whitianga. Photos: Brian Rogers.

Tauranga photogrpaher Amit Kamble's stunning photo of the blood supermoon.

Photo: Nicholle Roberson/Nixpix Photography. 

This photo of the moon was taken this morning just as it was about to disappear over the Kaimai Range. Photo: Jenny Lucy.

The moon earlier this morning. Photos: Claire Rogers.

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