Ten fined for entering NZ without Covid-19 test

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Ten people have been fined after travelling to New Zealand without proof they tested negative for Covid-19.

Customs says more than 23,000 people - or 99.5 per cent of travellers - had complied with the requirement introduced in January.

About 800 people have been exempt.

The rule does not apply to children younger than two years old, some diplomats, some air crew, and travellers from Australia, Antarctica and most Pacific Islands.

Forty-five people were given warnings because they could not prove they were exempt, or had a negative test result before travelling.

Of the ten people fined, four have paid.

The maximum fine is $1000.

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Posted on 25-05-2021 16:03 | By

You do realise that the cost, to the taxpayer, of collecting a petty $4000, has probably run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in bureaucracy? That may give you comfort but to me it typifies the stupidity of this regime and it’s kneejerk pandering to equally stupid people.

At least...

Posted on 23-05-2021 15:04 | By morepork

... there is SOME attempt to enforce the Law. Laws that are unenforceable or unenforced are just stupid.

Foot stomper

Posted on 22-05-2021 18:52 | By

Right on cue.


Posted on 22-05-2021 16:07 | By

There you go using that word again

Another one

Posted on 22-05-2021 13:50 | By

Another fascist policy with no scientific merit. It is well established that nearly all infections would occur in the 72 hour window after a negative test and before flying. Pointless. But brought in the appease the foot stomping numbskulls.