Multiple vehicle crash at Barkes Corner on SH29A

File photo. SunLive.
There has been a multiple vehicle collision at Barkes Corner.
Police are responding to the crash that may involve up to five vehicles reported to Police just before 1pm, at the roundabout at the intersection of SH29A, Cameron Rd, Marshalls Rd and Pyes Pa Rd.
"Three vehicles have been moved off the road and two remain,"' says a Police spokesperson.
"It is causing issues with traffic in the area."
Motorists are asked to avoid Barkes Corner or take another route.
It is unknown at this stage whether anyone has been injured.
At the scene? Phone 0800 SUNLIVE or email
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@ Kancho

Posted on 17-05-2021 09:07 | By

Great idea for overhead signage. Hope you’ve taken the idea to Council. They sure don’t seem to read Sunlive. They could learn a lot if they did. Keep up your great thought provoking comments.


Posted on 16-05-2021 15:34 | By Kancho

I’m hopeful there will be improvements as the roundabout road markings are not good and signage could be better. So hopeful. The Barked corner roundabout makes me anxious as the speed and multiple roads and lane cutting . I know how it works but people continuing going around the roundabout in a turn only lane scare me.

Barkes Cr

Posted on 16-05-2021 13:53 | By tia

Obviously another example of skilled driving and it will only get worse with the proposed changes to SH29 through Tauriko/Cambridge Road.

Not surprised

Posted on 16-05-2021 13:46 | By Kancho

Locals may understand which lane but with the only markings on the under queueing cars I have often had cars cut me off changing lane from a turn only lane . Better overhead signs for lanes and destinations.