Council propose new funding policy

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Tauranga City Council is proposing a new Community Funding Policy to determine how council provides funding to community organisations.

The proposed policy sets out how TCC can use the proposed community grant fund included in the Long Term Plan - LTP.

The policy includes the criteria and eligibility requirements of the proposed fund and replaces the existing Community Investment Policy.

Council provides funding to community organisations to help promote the social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being of Tauranga residents.

Currently, applications for council funding are considered on an ad hoc basis against inconsistent criteria. The proposed policy aims to ensure that all Tauranga community organisations have an equal opportunity to apply for council funding.

All community organisations requesting council funding of between $10,001 and $50,000 will need to apply through the two contestable funding rounds each year, and the applications will be assessed against the same criteria.

The draft policy proposes partnership agreements. These agreements would provide an opportunity for community organisations in Tauranga, which are creating positive change and align with Council’s objectives, to access multi-year funding.

Iwi and hapu organisations are encouraged to apply to the grant fund alongside community organisations.

Two Community Organisation Workshops will be held on Tuesday, May 18 2021 to provide information on the Medium Grants funding applications and the Draft Community Funding Policy.

The workshops will be held at the Village Hall, Historic Village on 17th Avenue at 2pm and 5.45pm.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 19-05-2021 13:50 | By

Lots of Aroha for you both. :)

Kancho thank you.

Posted on 18-05-2021 08:37 | By R. Bell

I get no particular pleasure from taking the position I do, however it is very important to me to counter the misinformation campaign currently being carried on by the leader of the parliamentary opposition. Nothing new about it but the damage it does to race relations is on going ad nauseum. None of us live in a perfect world Nz will never be the one Nz some people desire but we can all contribute in a positive way and gain mutual respect and prosperity. We can do it Kancho all it takes is understanding and compromise. Have a great day. Robin Bell.

I agree

Posted on 17-05-2021 14:08 | By Kancho

Yes you are right. My musing about how effective trickle down was off subject. I suppose I was reflecting comments I have absorbed were out of context. I have also had a good harmonious relationships with all New Zealanders and new arrivals.

kancho, mindset is

Posted on 17-05-2021 12:53 | By R. Bell

largely determined by upbringing and life experience. My wife is proud Maori I’m proud pakeha generally speaking. for 60 years we have found peace and quiet by compromise and determination. Currently this peace is threatened by ignorance, political expedience and a misinformation campaign that had its birth when the treaty was recognised in law. Your original comment was provocative and totally off subject, designed to denigrate. You may see it as legitimate but fact is it’s destructive to Maori/ pakeha relations. If you are truly interested in a better future embrace the difference and put to bed the provocation you see as your right. Here’s hoping!!

Wasn't trying to naughty

Posted on 17-05-2021 10:05 | By Kancho

I was just considering the difference in mindset of my Ngapuhi relatives. They express a sense of historical pride of being a dominant tribe. Otherwise they don’t express any sense of historical offence or of being marginalised in fact it seems the opposite. Still different life experiences as they are very happy and successful and I guess in the Simon and Winston way if thinking. The challenge for everyone will be as population growth and accommodating more people and cultures coming here for a better life. Already we are five times the population in one hundred years and resources will be really stretched. Interesting times and postulations for the future

kancho, as usual

Posted on 17-05-2021 08:39 | By R. Bell

you trade in vague "detail" first , Treaty settlements are not an investment, they are compensation. Once paid they become the property of Iwi. Quoting your Ngapuhi relatives is very naughty kancho, you know full well Ngapuhi have yet to settle. You cannot have an "opinion" on trickle down unless you know the detail, but clearly that won’t stop some.

Yes a Maori teacher.

Posted on 16-05-2021 15:54 | By Kancho

And the teachers opinion. I think it is of public interest just like it’s of interest how the investment in government works, the council, big business. just again my opinion. Members of my family are Ngapuhi and don’t know anything either . Still some of the extended family on that side are doing well in Australia. One had iwi help to get a geology degree but went to Australia and very wealthy land owner now. So a good

Kancho, It's good

Posted on 16-05-2021 14:31 | By R. Bell

to ask questions but in actual fact it’s none of your business, especially considering your lack of knowledge. Maori Iwi groups are not answerable to you or anyone as to how they disburse their settlements Imagine if I asked you how you spend your money. The media have no reporting because it’s none of their business either. God only knows who this "teacher" is but remember it’s none of her business either, unless of course she was Maori in which case maybe it was her way of telling you to "mind yours".


Posted on 16-05-2021 12:05 | By Kancho

Ok so I stand corrected. I still think it was a fair question. So great you have evidence of trickle down I’m pleased it is so and with examples that can be scrutinized. I haven’t seen any information in the media but have heard expressed opinion similar to the teacher of their perceptions of trickle down. The opinion from the teacher led me to think it wasn’t working well especially for them . Maybe I will talk with them again to see if their view has changed as it’s been a fair while.

Public forum

Posted on 16-05-2021 10:59 | By Kancho

Anyone can comment it’s a public forum and called free speech. Racism goes in all directions. Some of the worst I have experienced in public on two separate occasions was a tirade of abuse from Maori to poor defenceless Asians . But ok those maybe isolated but was shocking to me. Everyday people make judgements it’s human nature I like to think its is by behaviour regardless of anything else across the board not race , gender rich or poor. It’s about personal responsibility not excuses from whoever. Guess trickle down theory is a raw subject to you . I can only think of a few cases that appeared to have worked

Kancho, if

Posted on 16-05-2021 10:24 | By R. Bell

you have only "heard anecdotally" you really should not be involving yourself in criticism. Check out housing initiatives ( papa kainga) education grants, Kaumatua grants its all trickle down but don’t expect Iwi to throw it all away in lump sums that would be stupid. Nothing nebulous about it, you just don’t know.

Trickle down

Posted on 16-05-2021 09:26 | By Kancho

I think it’s a question often pondered. If you say it’s working for you then that’s a good thing . I have only heard anecdotally and with scepticism about whether trickle down has really worked anywhere as a financial system. Politicians talk about it but at the bottom no one seems to notice any difference. Guess it’s too nebulous to ever know. Doesn’t stop the pondering though


Posted on 16-05-2021 09:19 | By R. Bell

it used to be called "duck shoveling" avoid the point and confuse if you can. If you want proof of trickle down I can provide it. If not don’t comment.

You are right

Posted on 16-05-2021 08:43 | By Kancho

I couldn’t identify the teacher as that would put them at risk of their job. I would also say not recently and they were directly involved in emersion education. It’s transparent ratepayers funding is available and to all.

A little education

Posted on 15-05-2021 18:43 | By R. Bell

for kancho. Get in touch with me and I will answer your question with proof. I know you won’t because that would defeat your purpose. what irony you represent a nameless person quoting a nameless "teacher" what a world you live in.

Trickle down

Posted on 15-05-2021 14:07 | By Kancho

It would be interesting to know if any settlement money has trickled down . I spoke to a teacher who said no sign in her experience .