“Crucial” long term plan opens for consultation

The plan will be released for public consultation tomorrow. File photo.

Tauranga City Council is inviting people to have their say on what they say is the most important long-term plan in recent history, when consultation opens tomorrow.

The plan proposes investing in six key priority areas to help make Tauranga a great place to live, now and for the future, a council spokesperson says in a statement released this afternoon.

"The city faces major challenges because of historical under-investment, contributing to problems such as traffic congestion, a housing shortage, and overburdened or inadequate community facilities."

The proposals are outlined in the draft Long-term Plan 2021-31, which sets out a budget and work plan for the coming decade.

The six priorities are:

1)    Community spaces and places, $672 million – replacing old facilities and building new ones to serve the city’s growing population. Examples include pools, sports halls, sports fields and libraries.

2)    Transport, $1.9 billion – helping people move around the city more easily and improving connections for local businesses.

3)    Resilience, $296 million – strengthening the city’s ability to cope with natural hazards like tsunamis, floods, landslides, erosion and sea level rise.

4)    Space for new homes and businesses, $2.5 billion – increasing land availability while building and improving roads, pipes and other infrastructure to support a growing population.

5)    City centre, $126 million – revitalising the region’s heart, spurring the local economy and encouraging private investment.

6)    Delivery, $31 million in 2022, plus an average increase of $3m per year afterwards – improving the council’s resources to provide quality services and ensure the 10-year investment programme can be delivered.

Commission Chair Anne Tolley urges residents to get involved with the long-term plan by thinking about the investment priorities, how they should be paid for, and making submissions.

“The investments in this long-term plan are by far the most significant in Tauranga’s recent history,” she says.

“They aim to meet the needs of our growing population while also creating a better city for the people who live here now.

“These investments are for now, and for the future.”

The council is considering several options for funding the investments, including equitable ways to spread proposed rates increases among households and businesses.


For residential ratepayers, the proposed average rates increase in 2022 will be about $1 a day, or between $4.90 and $9 a week.

For the median household, this is 17 per cent (8 per cent plus the new kerbside waste service), or $7.58 per week.

The median home is at the mid-point of property values, meaning there are an equal number of more valuable and less valuable homes across the city.


For commercial ratepayers, the proposed average rates increase in 2022 will be between $16 and $65 per week.

The council proposes that owners of commercial properties pay $1.60 for every $1 paid by owners of residential properties with the same value (called the ‘commercial differential’). Currently, it’s $1.20.

Note that businesses can claim rates as an expense on their tax returns and reclaim GST.

The median commercial business rates increase would be 35 per cent or $32.45 per week.


The council will consult on the plan with the people of Tauranga from tomorrow (May 7) to June 7.

More information will be available from tomorrow at

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Informed ?

Posted on 09-05-2021 13:06 | By Kancho

So are you informed council want to spend and additional 20 million on staff next year.Rate rises yeah ok for necessary infrastructure but not great track record my thinks on wasting money. So is yours only another opinion?

Tom Ranger

Posted on 07-05-2021 08:31 | By

@ Informed. Balance of opinion required. We have no issue with rates increases for the core services required. However...what was the total cost of all the stuff ups over the many years? Should this not be addressed? Should we continue to throw good money after bad? It is as if you have friends or family that work closely with council or have done yourself.

Bla bla bla

Posted on 06-05-2021 19:38 | By

Complain and the rates and complain about the traffic. The reason this city is broken, is years of councillors cutting rates, cutting budgets, messing with plans and all the while supported by those that didn’t want to pay anything, all the while complaining about traffic and anything else that didn’t suit them.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 06-05-2021 17:36 | By

At the end of the day. When businesses costs go up. We all pay for it anyway with higher costs for goods. The main winner is govt/council. I’d be curious to know... What was the total cost to ratepayers for all the failed projects and unnecessary projects was last year alone? Previous terms?

Nice to haves but.

Posted on 06-05-2021 15:20 | By Kancho

A bit of a waffley words as some of it is very very open to interpretation. I always thought priority was for infrastructure which has a brief mention in number four. Water supply in my mind as we are always being told no garden sprinklers on a regular basis. More houses with less infrastructure so far. Traffic congestion which they mean is actually push car use into very difficult to impossible. The historical under investment hasn’t touched the job creation and salaries increases in the council though. Even more money required it seems. Kill the city centre then spend 126 million on it. Improving council resources? More staff ? Already get a grab in for ever increasing rates create lovely city spaces just what we need never mind the basics that fail.

Ratepayers Have A Say

Posted on 06-05-2021 14:58 | By

HAHAHA, HAHAHA, HAHAHA, HAHAHA. That was great. Good to see that with all TCC have been through they’ve still got a sense of humor.

Regime puppets

Posted on 06-05-2021 14:56 | By

Unreal. 20% rise next year. Who knows what year on year? They don’t consult, they don’t listen. That is just pretend. They were installed by the Central Committee to usurp democracy and get around doing what the community wants so to say they are consulting is a bloody cheek. Where do they dream up the figures? Where is the detail? I hope that out of control Chinese rocket that is about to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere hits the right mark.

Consultation but do what we want

Posted on 06-05-2021 14:53 | By

We will consult and do what we want to do anyway in other words. Un-elected Labour policy in full force, we only know one route and that is TAX TAX TAX.