Tauranga Chamber CEO discusses LTP

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Cowley. Supplied photo.

Rates increases, housing, transport and community facilities are all topics being address in Tauranga City Council’s Long Term Plan.

The LTP is being released for consultation tomorrow. Read here for an understanding of what might be included in the plan.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Cowley talks about the LTP in his latest Matt Chat video, which has been released today.

In it, Matt outlines the key issues facing the business community and what the Chamber will be focusing on as part of our submission.

Watch the video above to see what he has to say.

-This video was originally developed for the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce Chamber Voice newsletter. Please click here to read this in full.

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They only talk

Posted on 08-05-2021 08:51 | By Angels

They never listen to the people. They are unelected and almost impossible to remove. They don’t listen to the majority on anything just have their own agenda. Cameron road will be the next disaster. Garbage collection is a farce and city fed bed info to make choice. No accountability to employees for giving wrong info etc. time for more accountability and time to listen to the majority


Posted on 07-05-2021 13:10 | By morepork

Things are progressing with the unwanted refuse collection and the Cameron Road fiasco...