Starlink train to shoot across the night’s sky

After launching the satellites appear as a long train moving across the sky.

Starlink trains spotters will be praying for a clear night sky as astronomers predict Starlink24 to be “very visible”.

The latest Starlink train was launched on Thursday, and the Tauranga Astronomical Society says, weather permitting, there should be a very visible pass tonight.

“According to the Heavens-Above website, Starlink24 should be visible from around 6.23pm, rising in the South West and heading North East,” says a post on the society’s Facebook page.

“For most observers in New Zealand, SL24 will cross highest across the NORTH WESTERN half of the sky.

“For observers in Auckland and Northland etc, SL24 will cross highest across the SOUTH EASTERN half of the sky.

“If SL24 does not appear from around 6.23pm, it may appear around 6.43pm - but I believe the Heavens-Above prediction should now be accurate,” says Tauranga Astronomical Society’s Dave Greig.

“Last night's pass was not very bright and this was probably because the very reflective solar panels had not yet been unfolded. I expect tonight's pass will be more visible - and spectacular - as the satellites will have also spread out more by tonight.

The charts and data shown below are from the Heavens-Above website.

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