Climate change march planned for Tauranga

Students will be marching for climate change action on Friday April 9 in downtown Tauranga. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive

Students from colleges across Tauranga are planning to hold an intergenerational march on Friday, demanding climate action.

“As climate change affects every New Zealander and every part of society, we are inviting everyone to join us,” says School Strike 4 Climate NZ spokesperson Ash Putt-Fallows.

“This rally will be intergenerational. Parents, teachers, aunties, uncles and grandparents are asked to join youth on April 9 to stand up for climate justice, and the many issues that follow such.”

Aquinas College student and SS4C NZ spokesperson Isaac Jarden and Mount Maunganui College student Zara Barlow are coordinating the Tauranga march which will be held as part of a nationwide “strike” on Friday.

“We want to create a statement that climate action has to be taken,” says Isaac. “We are sacrificing a day of education, because this is more important. As people who can’t vote, we are getting out into the streets to make sure our voices are heard.”

The Tauranga march will leave from The Strand, go up Devonport Rd to Elizabeth St where the Bay of Plenty Regional Council building is located, then along to Grey St, and through the Tauranga City Council building by the Tauranga Library Arcade and back to the Tauranga waterfront. The march has been officially lodged as an event with Tauranga City Council and Maori wardens will be assisting with traffic management.

“The march will go near to both councils,” says Isaac. “Tauranga City Council have responded to us thank us for alerting them to the strike, but we haven’t heard anything back from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council yet.

“We are fed up with seeing government take insufficient action. We are getting the word out to as many students as possible to join us and demand that government take climate action.”

The event will take place on Friday from 12pm to approximately 3pm, with the march from 12.30pm – 1pm.

In 2019, hundreds turned up for the third School Strike 4 Climate NZ intergenerational climate change march. Last year, the march was unable to go ahead due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

“COVID-19 may have stopped us in our tracks in the past. However, I tend to ask myself, why we can’t respond to this Climate Emergency, in the same way that we responded to COVID-19?” says SS4C NZ spokesperson Ethan Reille. “Why can’t we direct such a ‘can do’ attitude towards this crisis, and why can’t we unite behind climate change, the same way we united behind COVID-19?”

Isaac says that health and safety will be their main priority on Friday.

“Organisers will be wearing masks and we will be encouraging people to wear masks and to stay home if unwell,” says Isaac.

“We need everyone to come together and make their voices heard,” says Ash. A sustainable future isn’t just about stopping climate change or creating a greener environment, it’s also about ensuring a sustainable economy and jobs. We need everyone to come as a collective to create this for future generations.”

Ash says they have collated a list of demands from people across New Zealand which reflects the urgency and need to act to stop climate change.

“Our demands focus on what climate action New Zealanders want from our government,” says Ash.

The demands include prohibiting the implementation of, and phase out the use of fossil fuels nationwide; investing in a 100 per cent renewable energy economy; investing and implementing in a just transition; honouring its [the Government’s] responsibility to our Pacific Island neighbours; decreased agriculture emissions; and investment into climate education.

“I’m striking as a last resort. It shouldn’t have come to this but we must make our voices heard and demand action be taken by the government for the sake of our planet and our future generations,” says Isaac.

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Posted on 06-04-2021 12:02 | By Kancho

Entitled generation demands lol. Still an interesting life lesson is in store. Never before has a generation had so much, fashion, electronics, mum and dad taxi services, sports, entertainment, throw any culture etc . Avid consumerism with money to be on trend. Guess that’s why only a few will take them seriously.

The CO2 Lie

Posted on 05-04-2021 21:09 | By

If they spent more time learning the truth behind the CO2 lie, and studied the latest climate studies instead of outdated climate models the populus is being force fed by the woke illusionists.... then the post boomers might have some credibility# get your facts straight, and btw not even our leaders know the facts.

Plant food

Posted on 05-04-2021 20:19 | By

CO2 is plant food. The more CO2 the more earths plants grow. Here’s another fact. CO2 rise follows the increase in earths temperatures. Not the other way around. The climate has warmed but its driven by the sun. Human influence is minimal in comparison.

I just find it sad........

Posted on 05-04-2021 19:19 | By groutby

........that these children are so delusional as to believe that such action is going to make a jot of difference, even if they knew why they are doing it, which I doubt. That said, to make it worthwhile for ’our’ future, why not have the day at school and do the march on a Saturday, or even wait until the upcoming holidays and march EVERY day? Either way, let’s hope no-one asks you a ’climate change’ question, for I am sure the return would be a blank stare....very sad, but, yup you get another day off proud, exactly what of time will tell when you are able to form your own opinion in the real game of life............

Naive enthusiasm.

Posted on 05-04-2021 18:02 | By Kancho

You have to smile at the enthusiasm of youth. Sadly as they grow they will realise that NZ is a tiny tiny player and little or no influence. Population in poor countries don’t care about anything but how to feed themselves or provide for families. Rivers of Undrinkable water with massive load of pollution flow to the sea from manufacturing goods they send to us. . Also the population growth worldwide will need more and more resources. NZ population in 1900 around a million so five times and growing fast. We of course import consume products thereby polluting other countries without a thought. Poor working conditions and a for clothing and electronic gadgets we regularly throw away. We spend millions making very little difference. Best thing to the environment is not to have children to be future consumers of unnecessary items.

who did it?

Posted on 05-04-2021 17:10 | By hapukafin

Ha Ha mother nature has first killed off the dionsaurs, the human being didnt


Posted on 05-04-2021 16:33 | By dumbkof2

Do they really think anybody is going to take any notice of them. Climate will change and there is nothing that can stop it, it’s been happening for millions of years and it will continue to happen.


Posted on 05-04-2021 16:12 | By R1Squid

Has already declared a climate emergency, and so how is another day off school going to progress the emergency? Is it going to do anything against climate change other than the air conditioning or heating will not have to be turned on. Nope, just another day off school. I wish it were that easy in the 60’s & 70’s.

start recycling

Posted on 05-04-2021 16:12 | By M. Mouse

I think you need to look at your own backyard first, the landfill is filled with more then 90% recyclable materials


Posted on 05-04-2021 15:57 | By

Just more hot air and CO2 being discharged into the atmosphere