LifeCurve app for aging well launches in BOP

Launching the LifeCurve app are Kathy Everitt, BOPDHB CEO Pete Chandler, Professor Ngaire Kerse, and Sarah Mitchell. Photos: BOPDHB.

There is now a free and easy way to age well and maintain independence say healthcare experts.


Stay stronger for longer and add life to your years is the message as a new app launches this week.


Based on international research, the free and simple-to-use phone and mobile device app gives older adults the ability to live better by learning easy ways to stay active and independent.


“As we age it may feel like our bodies are slowing down,” says Bay of Plenty District Health Board LifeCurve Project Lead Kathy Everitt.

“But research shows we can make a difference to how we age, and getting older does not have to mean losing independence. No matter what age we are, small changes like adding more movement into our lives can make a big difference.”

Kathy says to find and download the app, simply go to the Apple or Android app stores by searching for ‘LifeCurve’.

“Alternatively you can go to the website and click on the orange tab labelled ‘Start using the LifeCurve’,” says Kathy.



“Don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone or need help with accessing and using the app, you can choose someone to support you. This could be a family member, friend or Hauora - GP/Health Provider," says Kathy.


Once registering for the app, users are simply answer 19 questions about their ability to do some everyday activities.


“Research shows people generally lose the ability to do these everyday activities in a particular order as they age. These are activities such as cutting your own toenails, walking up and down stairs, cooking a hot meal or completing heavy housework.”


LifeCurve™ requires you to answer 19 questions about your ability to do some everyday activities.

Completing the questions will enables the user to see their position on the LifeCurve and show them how well they are ageing.


“Based on this position, you can then view helpful advice on ways to improve your abilities, as well as relevant services or activities to improve your position on the LifeCurve."


Kathy says that research proves that ageing does not have to mean losing your abilities, ageing is only 25 per cent genetic.


“The LifeCurve app itself is based on research around functional decline at the UK’s Newcastle University and has been in use in the UK since 2018.”


“It’s about prevention, independence and empowerment,” says University of Auckland, Joyce Cook Chair in Ageing Well, Professor Ngaire Kerse. “The app offers practical ways to maintain health and function through your later years. It empowers you to age well and helps you live life to the fullest.”


The app’s New Zealand launch is the result of ongoing work between the BOPDHB, ADL Smartcare Limited and the University of Auckland.


“We’re so excited to have a partnership with a forward thinking DHB like the Bay of Plenty,” says Professor Kerse. “This app can help prevent decline and support healthier lifestyles, enabling people to remain stronger for longer.”

LifeCurve™ can help prevent decline, enabling people to remain stronger for longer.

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So, is it downloadable for those of us without phones?

Posted on 06-04-2021 11:02 | By morepork

Does it run as a computer desktop app? Where can I download it? It says: "Don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone..." but there is no alternative link for it. If it is truly a useful program why is it not fully available?