Tauranga‘s new council bins to rollout next week

The first collections will begin in July. File photo.

The first of the 165,000 bins for Tauranga City Council’s new council kerbside collections will be delivered from Monday, March 15.

The new rubbish, recycling and food scraps bins will be delivered city-wide to kerbsides during March, April and May, ahead of the first collections beginning in July.

Tauranga City Council Manager: Sustainability and Waste Sam Fellows says it’s a mammoth task to deliver the 165,000 bins to 55,000 households.

“We’re starting deliveries early to ensure all households in our city have their new rubbish, recycling and food scraps bins in advance of the new kerbside collections starting from 1 July.

“The timeframes are estimates, and we’ll be providing regular updates on our website on how the roll out is going, including what suburbs will be receiving their bins in the upcoming week.”

The new bins will be delivered to the kerbside in front of each household.

“When your new bins are delivered, we suggest you check that the property address on the side of the bins is correct and then wheel them inside your property until the new kerbside collections begin in July.”

The bins will be rolled out in stages, with the following groups of suburbs receiving their bins together:

Central suburbs (Tauranga Central and South, Otumoetai, Matua, Bellevue, Brookfield, Bethlehem, Judea, Gate Pa, Parkvale and Greerton). These suburbs will receive their bins first between Monday 15 March and early April.

Southern and western suburbs (Poike, Tauriko, Oropi, Pyes Pa, Harini, Maungatapu, Welcome Bay and Ohauiti). It is estimated that these suburbs will receive their bins in mid-April, once deliveries to the central suburbs are complete.

Coastal suburbs (Kairua, Matapihi, Papamoa Beach, Papamoa and Mount Maunganui). It is estimated that these suburbs will receive their bins in mid-April and May once deliveries to all other suburbs are complete.

Each household will receive a rubbish wheelie bin and recycling wheelie bin, as well as a small food scraps bin – which will be inside the rubbish bin to make it easier for delivery. Please note, that the rubbish and recycling bins may not arrive on the same day.

Households should already have an existing blue glass recycling bin, but if their bin is missing, they can contact us to arrange for a new one to be delivered.

An information brochure with a collection calendar will be inside the food scraps bin, with the collection calendar showing households when their first collection for each bin will be in July, as well as timings for all collections for the rest of the year.

People with existing bins from private collection companies that no longer wish to use these bins, are encouraged to contact their private waste company to discuss their contract and the best date for removal of these bins from their property ahead of the Council’s new kerbside collections.

Those with limited space for storage of their existing bins and the new kerbside bins, could consider returning their existing bins earlier, and using the weekly council rubbish bag service instead – up until 30 June 2021, before the new collections begin in July.

Households can sign up for the optional four-weekly or fortnightly garden waste collections at
“Almost 70 per cent of Tauranga’s household waste currently sent to landfill could be recycled or composted instead. Together, let’s reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill,” says Fellows.

The new rate-funded system will make reducing waste easier, more accessible and more affordable for the community as a whole, and is expected to halve the amount of waste the average household sends to landfill each year by 2028.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 12-03-2021 13:31 | By

@morepork. Could have skipped the first sentence my friend. lol @Informed. Could simply acknowledge that we have legitimate concerns. :) With every other article I see on Sunlive with your comments. I appreciate both of your inputs and by and large. I agree with you both on almost all topics discussed.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 12-03-2021 13:27 | By

@Informed. You’re definitely a smart cookie. I’ll give you that, and I wish to acknowledge your attempt to stay positive. But with politicians....that is what they need to get failing and ridiculous idea’s rammed through with naff-all consideration for us the people paying for it. Even complaints can be a positive if/when listened to. Depends on the person listening. You’re entitled to your opinion. We, ours....I think you’ve used some quite dismissive language. which can be appear like saying. I don’t care. It works for me so stop complaining. When at the end of the day. We all want the same thing. A nice place to live and reasonable costs of living. I hope everyone has a nice weekend! :)

Response to Informed

Posted on 11-03-2021 13:39 | By morepork

Who obviously isn’t informed at all. I don’t "trash anything anyone tries to do" and, if you took the time to actually read the post you were offended by, you would see I made it quite clear I was speaking for myself. ("I for one..."). You chide us for not responding (as you did) but the questionnaire had no proper options. (as Tom Ranger pointed out). I have no problem with anyone arguing my posts, but, please, do it fairly and don’t ascribe words to me which I didn’t say. (The words in ALL My posts are chosen carefully...)

Them Bins

Posted on 11-03-2021 09:08 | By fabpuss

How cheeky Council should be storing them not telling us to and suggesting we get rid of our current contractor to make room. Has the Council confirmed to anyone that the bins are microchipped as in other cities?

Simple Really

Posted on 10-03-2021 22:14 | By The Caveman

I have NO room on my SMALL space for FOUR bins, thus they will left on the STREET !!! I trust that the Council will "recycle" them !!!

Off week collections and driveways

Posted on 10-03-2021 14:24 | By

I heard thru the grapevine Kleana Bins is still going to be open, and will be offering one of their bins for collection on the weeks in between the council bins, you will have to pay for this, but this saves jamming everything into a small bin every fortnight, and they do onsite pick ups, to save wheeling down the driveway

@John Heb

Posted on 10-03-2021 14:00 | By morepork

You make a fair point about people responding. But rather than responding to a fait accompli (and in 99% of cases no notice is taken of the response anyway...), wouldn’t it be more enlightened of Council to present options and then consider public debate, BEFORE signing a contract, then seeking to defend it? I dispute your figures regarding overall disposal and I have been extremely happy with the Bin service I CHOSE. (They are actually cheaper for me than the new scheme will be when properly costed. ) People WOULDN’T be moaning if there was nothing to moan about. The very strong feelings that this move has evoked show that we DO care about the refuse disposal.


Posted on 10-03-2021 09:31 | By Told you

There is a form from the council you can submit to the council that will help people get their bins taken out for you and returned it requires a Doctors approval, my Doc says mine was the third he had signed this morning. I really don’t think the council has thought this bin rollout properly.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 10-03-2021 09:05 | By

@ Informed. I did do the consultation and it was obvious by the design of the questionnaire which we are talking about that it was a "done deal". It was written in such a way to corral people’s responses. It went basically like this...Which of these options do you want? Bins, bins, or bins? There wasn’t any "no bin" option to choose from. So what are you on about? They skewered the stats to get the result they wanted. Just like TCC always have.

John Heb

Posted on 09-03-2021 22:04 | By Bruja

I am talking about the non-consultation around ’early delivery’ of the bins. NO thought as to the problems this will cause to people who have NO storage space where they live. I wasn’t actually ’speaking’ to you anyway, I was ’speaking’ to Council.


Posted on 09-03-2021 19:56 | By

You mean a service that you don’t want. Those in the community that provide feedback (like I did), voted in favour of this service. So just because you don’t like it, don’t invoke “the community”. Plus everyone knows that waste rates are going through the roof, so I’d rather work with a big player than a bunch of small operators that don’t have any pull. But hey, you just hang out on here trashing anything positive that anyone tries to do in Tauranga.

We are

Posted on 09-03-2021 16:20 | By Merlin

We are in our mid to late 70’s and have a 300 metres shingle drive to get to the kerbside and with health problems bad back etc.We have emailed the council twice about this with no reply as it is not possible for us to get them kerbside and so far no reply since 22 February.So frustrating.


Posted on 09-03-2021 15:57 | By dumbkof2

this council. do as i say no argument. why cannot the commisioners put tthis on hold then have a binding referendom

Tom Ranger

Posted on 09-03-2021 15:25 | By

@jed. Hush up aye. In theory it works for one or two out of the dozens of people who commented here on Sunlive. So it must be then...that it’s not simply a way for council to gouge us for stealthy rates increases. Yeah right.

Keep them!

Posted on 09-03-2021 15:18 | By Equality

A very steep private ROW servicing 9 households. Over 30 bins. Will they be delivered to our driveways? - or left at the bottom so as to make the ROW impassable? We’ll see. I will leave mine there permanently. Don’t want them, didn’t ask for them and they can stay away from my property!!

Too bad now

Posted on 09-03-2021 15:13 | By Kancho

Not what I wanted or when I filled survey that was a question a d a seed slanted to what they wanted to do a yeah. But the decision was made so too bad. I would’ve liked to see more proper Recycling as a lot of so called recycling still ends up in landfill as no plants to process now we can’t send it to polite someone else’s country. Paying extra for a green bin that is fortnightly collection I expect will be to small for the lawn clippings . Then of course only really needed for part of the year anyway. Think rates are high , just wait and you will see year on year rises as infrastructure is insufficient and debt is high

@ By JohnHeb

Posted on 09-03-2021 14:46 | By The Caveman

If your statement "One third of our rubbish is food waste. " is correct then you are wasting money on FOOD that your are not eating !!!


Posted on 09-03-2021 14:33 | By jed

My rates are some of the highest in the country (I checked with other councils). Now, I have to figure out how I am supposed to deal with 1/2 size bins that get collected half as frequently!!!!


Posted on 09-03-2021 14:26 | By

Like JohnHeb, I responded and put in a submission during the consultation process. I gather very few residents did, it was something like 3%. In the time I have been in Tauranga, I get the distinct impression, residents ignore council surveys, consultation on anything, even the annual or long term plans. Until it hits them in the pocket and then they moan and keep moaning even after contracts are signed. No wonder this city is in such a mess and previous councils have got away with so many mistakes. The apathy is astounding.

So much moaning

Posted on 09-03-2021 13:33 | By JohnHeb

Dear Bruja. They did consult. the put this out in all kinds of formats which you ignored. I responded, like not many others and said yes. We have the highest use of land fill of any city in this country. Our recycling rates are going down - unlike all other cities. Dear First Responder. One third of our rubbish is food waste. A big climate change gas producer and easily fixed. All food can go in the bins. Stop whining people. Come up with solutions. If you don’t like this then what else can we do? Keeping doing what we are at the moment is NOT an option. And for goodness sake respond when the council asks your opinion. If you don’t, then be quiet. Your silence suggests you didn’t care at the time.

Begs to differ

Posted on 09-03-2021 13:09 | By kiwi_brat2003

Well I thank the council for making me hire bins from them with a charge on the rates each year then in there own grubby way make me pay $3.95 for each time its collected. The thing is we were not asked we are being told that we have to pay the council XX dollars each year and we can not see any other rubbish company so there is competition ........ COMPETITION WILL NOT BE IN OUR RUBBISH for households ever again.

How hard is it?

Posted on 09-03-2021 12:22 | By morepork

Sam says: "’s a mammoth task to deliver the 165,000 bins to 55,000 households." So, don’t bloody do it. I, for one, and I suspect many others, don’t care how hard it is, Sam. Don’t expect any encouragement or commendation for doing your job, from me. (Nothing personal, I just don’t like having no choice...)


Posted on 09-03-2021 12:17 | By morepork

"the prices that the other companies make you pay" is less than the increase in Rates that will follow over the next few years, and it gives you a choice. This system is being imposed on a community who have stated at length the reasons why they don’t want it, and have been ignored. No one asked for it and we don’t need it. Somebody, not in NZ, will make a very large sum of money from it.


Posted on 09-03-2021 12:16 | By

Spot on informed, we are finally catching up with the rest of the country. Love the idea of the food scrap bin, so much food waste is currently put in bins or bags.

about time

Posted on 09-03-2021 10:47 | By

Thank god for that. It’s like living in the 60’s down here paying crazy money for those black bags, or the prices that the other companies make you pay.

Food scrap bin

Posted on 09-03-2021 09:55 | By First Responder

So the food scrap bin will be delivered in the rubbish bin. Excellent, that’s where it will stay. Would have made more sense to put it in the recycling bin, but no stress. Either way it will end up somewhere else.

YET AGAIN........

Posted on 09-03-2021 09:49 | By Bruja

The Council only think of what will suit them not their customers. People who live in small units with no outdoor area and already their current bins will now have to try to ’store’ these extra 4 bins for months!!! Once again, didn’t consult with customers, just did it!! Sick to death of you lot! Angry!!!! :(