Tauranga economy could be facing $2.5b deficit

Investments aimed to support homes, jobs, transport and community facilities were discussed at today’s meeting.

Tauranga could lose 1100 construction jobs and $2.5 billion from the local economy unless investments are made to help the city thrive and grow.

Those estimates were among several discussed at a Tauranga City Council meeting today about the Long-term Plan 2021-31, which aims to address problems caused by the city growing faster than its infrastructure can handle.

The council’s commissioners heard that Tauranga’s population has grown by an average of 25,000 people every 10 years since 1980, and that this growth was expected to continue for at least the next two decades.

Meanwhile, the city has fallen behind in its infrastructure investments, creating problems such as traffic congestion, a lack of quality community facilities and a housing shortage.

The meeting heard that significant investment was required to:

• address a worsening shortage of space for homes and businesses
• mitigate traffic congestion
• improve public transport
• revitalise the city centre
• improve parks, reserves, walkways, theatres and other community facilities.

A ‘working draft’ version of the plan proposes $4 billion worth of investment in roads, water pipes, wastewater systems, community facilities and other important infrastructure that will allow more homes to be built, help people move around the city more easily and provide facilities which create a richer living environment.

This includes more than $1 billion in transport and $700 million in growing the city to accommodate more families and businesses.

These investments will allow the city to grow ‘up’ – with the intensification of the Te Papa peninsula from the city centre to Greerton – and ‘out’ – with the new suburbs of Tauriko West and Te Tumu.

Commission chair Anne Tolley says the magnitude of the challenge is clear.

“Tauranga desperately needs investment in its infrastructure and community facilities. We have an opportunity to build a city that not only meets the needs of our citizens now, but also for the future.

“It’s vital that our community has a voice in this process that they understand the challenges we face as a city and the reasons for any decisions we’re making."

The long-term plan will go out for public consultation on May 7.


March 15: Decisions made on contents, funding and financing

March 29: Adopt draft documents for provision to audit

April: Audit processes

May 3: Adopt consultation document and all supporting documentation

May 7 to June 7: Consultation period

Mid-June: Hearings

Late-June: Deliberations

Week starting July 26: Adoption of final LTP

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 09-03-2021 09:09 | By

@Slim. Maybe It’s too late for Informed. Thinks TCC are all roses now. Regrets to come afterwards. Never trust a politician. Never.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 09-03-2021 08:45 | By

@Informed. I said 1100 unnecessary jobs. So...very little. I also gave other options. ; )


Posted on 09-03-2021 08:02 | By

Eh, so you think we keep raising Rates at way more than inflation and income levels, just to keep big businesses going? So they can keep creaming huge profits in? That is Robin Hood in reverse mate. Taking from the “poor” to give to the rich. No, what should happen is that you look at affordability and need and cut the cloth accordingly. Then contractors cut their cloth accordingly. If that means some contracts are cut or trimmed, tough. It’s economics. I’m not a open cheque book just to keep some fat cat driving about in a new Ute. Sadly I think the Commissioners will see it your way and have no regard for the little people. We are just here to be bled dry.

What a difference

Posted on 08-03-2021 21:49 | By

Actually watched some of the meeting live stream. What a difference from the 5 year olds that use to sit around the table. Lots of challenging questions, well thought through debate and focus on governance, rather than arguments. Hopefully they will help to turn the city around. PS Tom, let’s say that one of the largest employers fired 1100 people in Tauranga. What do you think would happen to Citycare, Downer. Plus no water, no traffic lights, no dog control, no airport, no pubs, no bars, no hairdressers, no new buildings. But hey - keep complaining.


Posted on 08-03-2021 17:13 | By Kancho

Yep it will be more rates for sure...if you can’t hack it I guess it’s sell up and move to a small place in a smaller town . Price of everything goes up even if projected work is efficient which is by track record unlikely. We still are maxed out debt wise before the mayhem starts. This is actually a NZ issue not just Tauranga just listen to Wellington’s problems, Auckland , Christchurch, Invercargill. Still people pouring in from all over

Catch up first

Posted on 08-03-2021 16:51 | By Kancho

Seems its all about growth and recognition that we haven’t kept up with infrastructure. Talk about the B###@@ obvious. Surely basic services of water, sewage, rubbish, etc come before everything else and the lack of investment needs urgent attention on essential services first. Priorities to services not more growth. No good building more houses to connect onto inadequate water supply, clogged roads and sewage and rubbish already overburdened.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 08-03-2021 14:39 | By

TCC and commissioners had better keep cutting costs then to stay within their means. Yeah? Lose 1100 unnecessary council jobs...and Voila! Problem solved. Stop throwing good money after bad, by doing projects three times...and still getting it wrong. Voila! I want a signed document saying these thing’s won’t occur and if they do. Heads will roll - Extra money will come from elsewhere. Before rate-payers agree to anything we should get a guarantee that the crap we’ve seen isn’t going to keep happening over and over and over. Show us the process (assumed existing now) to avoid these situations? Is there one yet?

Excuse me

Posted on 08-03-2021 14:17 | By

For the last 10 years the construction sector has been creaming it in. You cannot get a job done without paying a King’s ransom. Absolute thievery. And now they want me to pay more Rates so they can keep creaming it in? Unbelievable.