VIDEO: Mixed response to Covid vaccine in Tauranga

SunLive took to the streets to gauge people's thoughts. Video: Ursula Keay. Photo: MOH.

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There are mixed reactions among the Tauranga community about who will get the Covid vaccine or not.

Answers ranged from yes, no, to f*#* no.

The first lot of Covid vaccines arrived in Tauranga on Monday.

A third of the people SunLive approached this week say they will not be getting the vaccine.

In total SunLive approached 15 people, five of which say they will be opting out. Only 10 agreed to appear on camera.

Some say they will definitely be getting it, especially if they want to keep travelling.

Others don’t trust that the vaccine has fully been tested and believe there is not enough evidence of the long term effects.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 08-03-2021 15:49 | By

I agree with you there Slim. Just checking to see if you are compassionate and conscious regarding your decisions can affect others. So it’s not a free choice for those people. But yes! In reality...Everyone has the choice to do whatever they want. We just have to face the repercussions of those decisions whatever they may be. Universal law. No arguments here.


Posted on 08-03-2021 14:28 | By

You could apply that logic to all decisions, choices and freedoms. Everything has an impact on others in some way. I mean everything. This is the problem with trying to deny freedoms and control everybody - there is no logical end to it. There is no definitive right or wrong. It’s all subjective and matter of perspective.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 08-03-2021 09:11 | By

@Slim. Freedom of choice is fine and dandy until your decisions affect others. Then "your" freedom of choice becomes a choice you’ve made for the others on their behalf without giving them a choice. Logically there is an issue here with this providing this freedom of choice to people whom don’t believe how powerful this thing is.


Posted on 07-03-2021 17:45 | By

Well it is just a cold virus that doesn’t seem to affect 99% of people too much. There are vaccines available. Just because this woke inept bunch cannot roll it out quick smart, and a bunch a narrow minded insular buffoons are more into God than vaccines, shouldn’t mean the rest of us should be held to ransom.

Long Term Effects

Posted on 07-03-2021 13:49 | By

“Others don’t trust that the vaccine has fully been tested and believe there is not enough evidence of the long term effects.” We know the long term effects of Covid.

Up to each person

Posted on 07-03-2021 08:55 | By Angels

This unproven so called vaccine is a question for most. They were afraid of it themselves so had governments sign off that they were not responsible for any bad effects. This is not a 1 time thing. This will be a minimum of yearly if not even sooner. So we are expected to have multiple needles prior to this being fully tested. They who must travel for whatever reason , go for it as is your life and future. I will wait and see before trying truly untested medicine .

Eight on one flight

Posted on 07-03-2021 07:20 | By Kancho

Open the borders really Slim eight cases on one flight alone.

More for us

Posted on 06-03-2021 15:31 | By Kancho

Great more for those that want the vaccine. So many fatal diseases are more or less gone because of medical science and vaccines. Funny how people use scientific advances everyday life without even thinking. My grandmother died at 23 years old and one of her children too with a disease that vaccines have cured. Still don’t expect non vaccers will refuse medical help and science to save and their lives like I have three time now. What do I know of science well not much but they obviously know much more. Good enough for the old Queen and so many others, good enough for me too.


Posted on 06-03-2021 14:11 | By

Get the borders open now.