Managed Isolation and quarantine fees to rise

The Ibis Hotel Managed Isolation Facility in Rotorua. Image: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Fees for temporary visa holders who are solo travellers or the first occupant in a room will rise from $3100 to $5520, a statement from Managed Isolation and Quarantine says.

Additional adults in that room will cost $2990 and additional children $1610 each from March 25, says the statement.

It affects all temporary entry visas for partners of a New Zealand citizen or resident, student visas, work visas and other limited visas.

The Government recovers some of the costs for managed isolation to share the costs in a way that fairly reflects the benefits to both the New Zealand public and those who leave and enter the country, says the statement.

“The new fees better reflect the actual costs of managed isolation, although the Government is still subsidising some of the cost.”

The new fees are the same as those charged to critical workers entering the country under a border exception.

Temporary entry class visa holders who have already booked managed isolation and quarantine places and enter facilities from 25 March will be liable to pay the new fees.

This change will not affect temporary entry class visa holders who have entered managed isolation and quarantine before 12.01am on 25 March.

Critical healthcare workers entering under a border exception will continue to be charged the current standard fee of $3,100 to ensure the healthcare workforce can be quickly scaled up in case of a resurgence of Covid-19, says the statement.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment can grant a full or partial waiver of managed isolation fees in cases of financial hardship or other special circumstances, or arrange a deferment of payment, for temporary entry visa class holders, says the statement.

See the MIQ website for more details.

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Posted on 03-03-2021 19:02 | By

Every day the borders are shut we are burning more money. Air New Zealand alone has cost us $1 billion. They are burning through tens of millions each week. We all pay for this. There will be tax and pension reform to pay for this. People need to ask about the woeful vaccine rollout. Are people happy to work to 68 before getting Super, and paying more tax along the way, just so some two bit countries get vaccinated before us?

Hope it gives some pause.

Posted on 03-03-2021 15:42 | By morepork

Too many people are using MIQ as if there is no problem, or need to curtail travel at the moment. (If we can’t even go to Auckland, you have to ask why people are still coming across our borders...)