First Covid vaccines arrive in Tauranga

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The Te Moana a Toi (Bay of Plenty) vaccination programme is underway today with 28 workers at the Port of Tauranga receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Preparations have included site visits to Port of Auckland to discuss learnings taken from its rollout; testing processes including patient walk-throughs and dry runs of other systems.

Q&A sessions with a panel of clinicians were held last week for all port workers and their whānau to answer any questions or address any concerns.

BOPDHB Covid-19 response manager Helen De Vere says the first day went well.

“It has been a very positive first day, with everyone involved appreciating how significant this effort is in keeping our community safe.”

She says huge efforts have been put in by the Port of Tauranga and associated Port companies in organising to get vaccinations underway.

"I would just like to say how immensely proud I am of everyone involved and to be a part of this team. It has been a huge logistical effort involving a lot of people going above and beyond to get us to where we are now.

"I want to thank everyone for meeting this challenge head on. Doing so, helped ensure we were in a great position to start the vaccination programme at 11am today."

Covid-19 vaccinations are being made available to our border and MIQ workers as a means of added protection against the risk they encounter as part of their workplace duties. 

Vaccination is strongly encouraged to protect them and the people they live with.

"The broader picture of all of this of course is that we're doing the very best we can to protect our communities from the threat of Covid-19," says Helen.

The Covid-19 vaccination rollout programme is organised according to a priority system that will eventually progress from frontline/most at risk to vulnerable populations and ultimately the wider community around June/July this year.

BOPDHB have organised an online webinar for this Friday at 6pm, to provide an opportunity for whānau of Port workers and anyone else seeking guidance, to be able to put their questions to the country’s lead vaccination experts, Dr Rawiri Jansen and Dr Nikki Turner. 

The vaccination teams will be onsite 11am-4pm Monday to Friday.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 02-03-2021 14:51 | By

@Merlin. Probably increase? Like Kiwi-build? I’ll predict that their predictions re expected inoculation numbers are re-evaluated soon. Would National have done anything re covid any better? Almost certainly not.

Nodding Merlin

Posted on 02-03-2021 13:30 | By

Oh and it’s not first day. You need to keep up with the slow programme. There is no wonder it will take so long if people like you are unaware of progress (lack of). Wakey wakey.

Nodding Toy Merlin

Posted on 02-03-2021 13:28 | By

Well I ain’t no Nat. Judith will say anything to try and stay in the job. Bridges was a disaster. Let’s not mention Todd. And Luxon is a champagne socialist. The rest are as hopeless as the Government. My comments were free of partisan politics, just critical of the rollout plan and pace. From your comments we can assume you worship at the altar of Cindy. I imagine you probably nod a lot when she’s on.


Posted on 02-03-2021 11:41 | By Merlin

Negative comments on first day from Negative Nats.To soon to call on numbers once they get into the swing of it will probably increase.


Posted on 02-03-2021 07:40 | By

What gets me is the fanfare and pride at jabbing a few dozen a day when the UK is jabbing up to 500,000 in a day. They should be embarrassed by this, not blowing their trumpet.


Posted on 02-03-2021 07:39 | By

More like 160 years at the rate they are going, with two shots, may be 80 years with a single dose. But either way, it is shockingly slow and pathetic. They have just started mass rollout to the general population in Ghana and Ivory Coast under the Covax scheme - you know the one where we forego our deliveries to give away to poor people. It’s all very noble and I’m sure Jacinda will get her Nobel prize, but it is just masking the gross ineptness of the MoH.

So slow

Posted on 01-03-2021 21:32 | By Johnney

Don’t want to sound negative but 28 vaccines in a day. That’s 6 vials. At this rate every one should be vaccinated in 20-30 years time. How slow can they go.