Two mothers walked together during isolation

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Photo: RNZ.

UPDATED: It's been revealed a mother infected with Covid-19 may have passed the virus to a second family after taking a walk together.

The first contact was interviewed but did not disclose contact with the second family.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says it’s "not ok for members of the five million to let us down".

“What has happened has been a clear breach and everyone is frustrated by it.”

She encourages people to urge others to follow the rules, saying Covid’s a “virus that kills”.

“I know many continue to feel upset and angry about the multiple rule breaches.”

Ardern says she was advised of the first case on Saturday, family members were tested and the mother was infected.

On Sunday, they identified the potential link between families, who had not disclosed the walk.

She says no politician thinks that it is tolerable.

“Those individuals are facing the full judgement of the entire nation.”

Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says there are no new cases of Covid-19 in the community, and only one new case in managed isolation.

However, genome sequencing is expected tomorrow for the household contact that was identified yesterday.

Dr Bloomfield says contact tracing “continues to be a focus”.

There are 21 close contacts of ‘case M’ who attended the Manukau Institute of Technology campus including students and one teacher who are in isolation for 14 days.

According to Bloomfield, they have "all the support they need to remain so".

Dates and times of the contact places are on the Ministry of Health website, which include the student centre and the cafeteria.

He says there are also 154 people in isolation in relation to the positive case detected at a gym last Friday. 

Dr Bloomfield says no close contacts of case M have left Auckland, and cases A, B and C have now recovered.

He assures people there are financial supports in place for people to be able to self-isolate for 14 days.

This includes a range of payments such as the Covid leave payment- a scheme that helps with a lump sum payment for two weeks. The employer can reapply after two weeks.

They can also bring in the Ministry of Social Development if needed.

Dr Bloomfield says he understands people are home alone, and encourages people to use the 1737 line if they are finding the isolation difficult.

Next up to be vaccinated will be household members of border workers, which will be an extra 60,000 people, following them will be front line non-border health workers – an estimated 7000 people.

This includes those involved in Covid testing such as emergency department workers, GPS, midwives, receptionists dealing with patients, Whanau Ora and A&E clinics – with the aim to vaccinate that group this month.

“We’re ultimately all better off,” says Dr Bloomfield.

There are currently 10 testing stations in Auckland, with some in south Auckland with up to a one and a half hour wait.

He says the majority of tests happen at the GP, and the tests are of course free.

An extra 1500 people were vaccinated over the last few days due to vaccines that were going to go to waste, as they had to be used in five days.

They had extra vials in case of breakage which didn’t end up getting used. Dr. Bloomfield spoke to the Chief Executive of Waitemata District Health to get them out to people, "instead of going to waste".

There will be another vaccine update on Wednesday.


Earlier this morning, Ardern said the new community cases in Auckland had contact with another family during the level 3 lockdown earlier in February.

"We have now confirmed how our latest case M and N came to be infected with Covid-19. That is because they had contact with another family that we had indentified as part of the Papatoetoe cluster during level 3."

Ardern says the contact between the families was not disclosed to contact tracers prior to them going into quarantine.

She is urging people to follow health advice and Covid-19 protocols, and does not think this family wilfully ignored advice.

Watch the live update above.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 03-03-2021 09:40 | By

@morepork. Labour can’t even give away money properly. The so called "wage-subsidy" was really a "business bail out" with tax money that hasn’t even been collected yet. I’d have respected them more if they had been transparent about this from the start with everyone. Just one example, I have more. ; )

I wouldn't mind betting...

Posted on 02-03-2021 14:03 | By morepork

...that these offenders WILL be charged. Prof’s $10K fine is ineffective if the people concerned can’t pay it... Dumbkopf says the PM is verbose, but it seems that even the "full explanation" she provides isn’t enough for some people. I won’t vote for this government (because of what Mahuta did...) but I respect the PM. She must be under incredible pressure and so far, we have had good leadership on Covid. At least they are transparent... (cf. TCC). In light of the current frustration we are all feeling, it is fair to say that waiving penalties as "education" can’t be tolerated any longer. Punishments won’t fix Covid, but it might encourage some people to take it more seriously.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 02-03-2021 12:46 | By

Without Covid our PM would have nothing to talk about dumbkof2.

Only one solution....

Posted on 01-03-2021 18:45 | By

Prosecute these idiots. An example has to be made to show people they cannot break rules or the law which subsequently costs Auckland $400m, with the potential for businesses to go under or people lose their jobs. A fine of $10k and a prison sentence of 6 months should teach these morons a lesson and should show Kiwis that rules can’t be broken.


Posted on 01-03-2021 15:16 | By dumbkof2

jacinda milking this for every penny she can get out of it. once again taking 10min to say something that could be said in 2 min