Councillor backs ratepayers’ umbrella group

A public meeting is taking place at The Lakes. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Residents in The Lakes will have their say on a potential ratepayers’ group tomorrow.

A public meeting taking place at Taumata School at 7.30pm will give people living in The Lakes their opportunity to have their say.

Four new commissioners, Anne Tolley, Bill Wasley, Stephen Selwood and Shadrach Rolleston, were appointed earlier this month.

An independent review in November 2020 identified significant governance problems within the council, and in December 2020, Local Government Minister Hon Nanaia Mahuta made the decision to appoint a commission to the council.

The meeting has been organised by Tony Gavin and a Lakes ratepayers group is expected to be a feature of the meeting in light of the commission appointment.

Tauranga City councillor Dawn Kiddie backs the establishment of Tauranga ratepayers' groups to work with new city commissioners.

Kiddie believes that ensuring the majority of the community is having their voice heard is a sensible idea.

“It would be great to have an umbrella group representing all ratepayer and community minded groups fighting for the majority of the community residents and ratepayers,” says Kiddie.

Several ratepayer groups in the city already exist including Grace Rd and Avenues Neighbourhood Residents' Association, Greerton Ratepayer Alliance, Matua Residents Association, Mount Maunganui Residents and Ratepayers Association, Papamoa Residents and Ratepayers Association, Tauranga Ratepayers Action Network and the Te Papa Residents Groups.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 01-03-2021 08:13 | By

TY for the information Caveman. I had an inkling something like that was happening.

And the behind the scene word is:-

Posted on 27-02-2021 23:03 | By The Caveman

The faceless council bureaucrats behind the Council were pushing for 30% + rates increase this coming year and 15% every year for the next FIVE years. Ask the Council for the TEN YEAR PLAN - its NOT being made available /released !!!

All of us

Posted on 26-02-2021 19:53 | By

I’m not again community advocate group, in fact there are some good ones across the country. What I don’t like is a group of 140 boomers acting like they are the voice of Tauranga. When they are 0.08% of the population. And even worse the type of people that appear to be in leader roles appear to have no understanding or interest in the real issues of the city. It’s just a front for their next election campaign.


Posted on 26-02-2021 15:08 | By morepork

’“It would be great to have an umbrella group representing all ratepayer and community minded groups fighting for the majority of the community residents and ratepayers,” says Kiddie.’ Funny, I thought that was called a "City Council"...

Tom Ranger

Posted on 25-02-2021 11:47 | By

Alright CliftonGuy. I’ll try and hop to it. *Dusts off duff*. : ) But I am quite sure their will be enough rate-payers speaking of the issues I see within our city/council.

Ratepayer Groups

Posted on 25-02-2021 10:38 | By

There appear to be a number of naysayers who are opposed to ratepayers groups. I am fully in support of them. Agreed that there are some people with a personal agenda in these groups. If you wish to counteract these people, then get off your duff and have your own say. How else are we to get our point across, but by presenting them in a group that is agreed on issues and what needs to be done?

Tom Ranger

Posted on 25-02-2021 10:10 | By

If councilors think it’s a good idea... Chances are it’s motivated by their own agenda. It’s the wealthy of society that have the time and money to organize these groups. I’m looking down the barrel of 6-7 Day work weeks! A high quality problem. But that means I simply don’t have the energy to do this type of thing. Govt lobbying at all levels should be heavily scrutinized and extremely limited imo.

Local groups

Posted on 24-02-2021 15:53 | By

The formation of extremely parochial groups has been a large part of the problems facing Tauranga. They are extremely vocal. extremely selfish and, often backed by at least one councillor, if not more. Their desires have carried the day, often to the detriment of neighbouring suburbs, resulting in some suburbs being completely ignored and their amenities downgraded.

If only

Posted on 24-02-2021 15:08 | By

If only these groups represented the real people in the city. Went along to a couple. But they were fill with angry boomers who didn’t want any change or improvement in the city. Just wanted to talk about the small stuff. What a shame.