Public react to fake parking tickets

The real parking tickets, left, and the fake parking tickets, right. File photo.

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Tauranga City Council are urging people to think twice before paying parking tickets online.

SunLive took to the streets to find out if people would be able to tell the difference between the real tickets and the fake tickets.

Watch the video above to find out more.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 25-02-2021 10:24 | By

@peanuts9 - Confusion with what we may have done "wrong" may influence people to just pay.

parking tickets

Posted on 24-02-2021 15:55 | By

If people didn’t overpark, made sure they has a warrant and their vehicle was registered, these tickets would not be a problem. It is only when you have done something wrong, that the ruse would work.

Too eqsy

Posted on 24-02-2021 12:45 | By Johnney

Agree Walbuck. It is probably too simple and obvious. Probably contravenes the Privacy Act. Could shut them down pretty quickly though.

Basic LEgwork

Posted on 24-02-2021 08:55 | By

Hardly the crime of the century to solve. In the picture - you can clearly see the bank account details Cross-reference that with IRD or a if necessary a warrant order for BNZ Police pay them a visit and case-closed