Commissioners keen to understand city‘s issues

The commissioners: Far left, Stephen Selwood; Third from left, Anne Tolley; Second from right, Shadrach Rolleston; Far right, Bill Wasley. Photo: Ursula Keay/SunLive.

The new Tauranga commissioners are keen to understand the city’s issues after its first public meeting this morning.

Commission chair Anne Tolley was joined by Bill Wasley, Shadrach Rolleston and Stephen Selwood at the Tauranga City Council chambers.

Tolley says it’s important for them to start and to be seen to be starting.

“We need to look and feel accessible. We’re not here to rubber stamp things we’re here to ask questions.”

She says in order to make some big decisions, they need to understand what’s happening on the ground.

Tolley says if public have issues they want heard, they should contact council to set up meetings.

She has also set up constituency clinics which public are invited to attend.

She says their first priority is to get decisions made about the Long Term Plan, which they have three weeks to submit their first draft.

The Long-term Plan 2021-31 will set the council’s investment choices for the coming decade, providing a blueprint for meeting the challenges of rapid growth.

According to a Tauranga City Council spokesperson, Tauranga’s population boom has created a housing shortage, traffic congestion and other serious problems that need to be urgently addressed, by way of investing in roads, water pipes, wastewater treatment facilities and other infrastructure that will allow developers to build more houses.

Commissioner Stephen Selwood says rates will not automatically go up, as they are not the only answer to meeting the city’s challenges.

“We will put all the options in front of people and ask people what they want.”

He says it is a ‘tremendous privilege’ to have been invited to join the commission.

“I can assure the public we will work together as a team.”

Tolley says it’s vital they restore public confidence in the council.

“It isn’t easy to take away local democracy. It’s only done in extreme circumstances.”

Commissioner Shandrach Rolleston agrees saying it’s sad they are in the current position.

As the commissioners will hold the place of councilors for around 18 months, they say it is vital the changes they make are long-lasting and enduring.

New councilors will be elected in the local body elections next year.


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Tom Ranger

Posted on 24-02-2021 12:37 | By

@ Informed. Hardly Equality’s fault that the TCC have given us so much ammunition to fire at them.

@ Tom Ranger....

Posted on 23-02-2021 21:21 | By groutby who do you reckon the ’Tauranga City spokesperson’ is? of the many ever increasing unneccesary seatwarmers...yup ratepayers fault by the sound...this may well be a first job of the change the attitude of the TCC staff!


Posted on 23-02-2021 20:17 | By

Umm let’s see. Wharf St is absolutely brilliant, Bayfair is NZTA rather than council, rubbish saves most people in the city money. But feels like you just want to complain about every single thing that happens in Tauranga.

Same same but different

Posted on 23-02-2021 15:23 | By

You’re right about the flag waving. The Commissioners are more interested in perception, by their own admission. It will be no different to how it has been before - Council run by Council staff, for themselves and their contractor buddies. Bleeding us dry while they fill their pockets. Endless cock ups and no accountability. Lies followed by lies.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 23-02-2021 09:45 | By

@Lets get real. I’d rather roles be eliminated not more advertised. Less public servants to screw thing’s up while sucking the rate-payers dry. Coming up with idea’s like white outdoor globe lights to simulate the clouds. People are already outside mate! Clouds everywhere!


Posted on 22-02-2021 17:12 | By

How is it that the local appointees amongst the commissioners don’t know what the issues are...? Is this just flag waving or can we expect to hear about backroom managers and their minions having to answer some hard questions and might we see some additional jobs advertised...?

Where to Start .....

Posted on 22-02-2021 15:55 | By Equality

Lets see now - Harrington Street parking building - Wharf Street upgrade - Elizabeth Street upgrade (coming) - Phoenix Park (green space!) Greerton round-a-bout debacle - Bayfair round-a-bout (pumice foundation) - Cameron Road ’upgrade’ (coming)! - Rubbish bins debacle - Proposed Mount roads, one way system..... and on it goes. Everything the past council has touched has been a stuff up and a huge waste of time and money. Contributed in a major way to our gridlock traffic and turned their backs on infrastructure. The commissioners appear to have a new, refreshing grip on reality!

Tom Ranger

Posted on 22-02-2021 15:19 | By

According to a Tauranga City Council spokesperson?... Apparently it’s our fault that TCC haven’t done a good job... Yeah right. Blame us. Whatever.