Lime discourages scooter sculpture in Tauranga

Mount Maunganui resident Peter Clark was gobsmacked when saw the Lime scooters sitting over a public shower. Photo: Peter Clark.

A strange sculpture on a public outdoor shower in Mount Maunganui is being described as a “graveyard” for Lime scooters.

Peter Clark was driving down Marine Parade on Thursday morning when he spotted about 11 Lime scooters hanging upside down over the Mount Drury public shower.

“I was shocked when I saw it, the person who did it must not like Lime scooters,” Peter says.

“Somebody has gone to a great effort to get all the scooters up there.”

Lime scooters popped up across Tauranga in October 2020.

Tauranga City Council approved a 12-month trial of them after an initial rollout in May was shelved due to Covid-19.

Peter reckons the scooters look like "litter" on the streets of Mount Maunganui.

"I have been against them since day one. They just aren't a practical option and they are dangerous,” says Peter.

"They should make the sculpture permanent as a graveyard for lime scooters.”

Lime Australia and New Zealand public affairs manager Lauren Mentjox says this kind of sculpture makes it hard for the public to access the scooters.

"While we appreciate the creativity, electric scooters provide important sustainable mobility options and this makes them harder for people to access,” she says.

“We encourage this artist to use something other than our scooters for their next masterpiece.”

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Posted on 20-02-2021 15:03 | By morepork

Unfortunately, within Council, the community that posts here is seen as a bunch of dissidents, criticizers and troublemakers, and can be dismissed as such. (I have this on hearsay, it may not be entirely true...) However they view Sun Live readers and posters, it is certainly true that they have never taken action on suggestions (even positive ones) raised here. Never mind. I post here in the hope that someone will consider what I’m saying and you never know what the outcome might be. It is good that The Sun gives us a voice, even if nobody takes any notice...

I hope

Posted on 20-02-2021 11:25 | By Merlin

I hope the Council take notice of the negative feedback here but then when have they, they just carry on regardless.

12 month Trial feedback needed.

Posted on 19-02-2021 17:58 | By

As mentioned in the article, the Line Scootors here in the Bay are on a 12 month trial. I encourage all Bay residents to direct comments, problems and feedback to the Tauranga City Council via email. This will be the only way residents can get the TCC to understand the impact the scooters are having on our footpaths and residents. Love the sculpture, a great use of scooters.

That's Brilliant.

Posted on 19-02-2021 17:47 | By

I love it :-) LMBO

golly gosh

Posted on 19-02-2021 17:31 | By old trucker

Here we go again ,always a stiff shirt having a say about stuff, agree with the Professor ,the fun POLICE are alive and well,good luck to do this,and by Tia saying its hard to have a shower how many people use it,always someone to SPOIL IT,my pennies worth and my thoughts only on this, ten 4 out,phew.

Double standards

Posted on 19-02-2021 16:14 | By Merlin

Recently the add of LILY riding her bike on the footpath to get the milk was canned after a complaint and the law says you can not ride a bike on the footpath more than 3 metres.These things are a menance on the footpath for people coming out of shops and the elderlyat the speeds they go.Another misjudgment from our council.

I'd also like to know.......

Posted on 19-02-2021 15:11 | By Bruja

from the traffic police perhaps.......why people who ride two-wheeler bikes and motor-scooters and motor-bikes have to get a licence and wear a helmet but not on these pieces of garbage??? Answer please....and not a ’white-wash’ one, ta.

So funny!!

Posted on 19-02-2021 14:44 | By

Tia, that cracked me up :-)

So fed up with Lime scooters

Posted on 19-02-2021 13:36 | By SML

being placed in the middle of Greerton footpaths, blocking access for electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters and prams/pushchairs, I fully support the sculpture use of them. BTW - I thought they were only for over-18’s? Recently saw a father and two kids (both looked under 10), ALL without helmets on, crossing the road at the Bureta Crossing. where there have already been a number of accidents (including fatal ones).

Lime Sculpture

Posted on 19-02-2021 13:23 | By tia

I agree with Peter. These scooters are a blight on the beautiful landscape of Tauranga. Strange the scooter person says that this type of sculpture makes it hard for the public to access the scooter. Makes it even harder for the public to use the shower.

I feel a flood-tide of

Posted on 19-02-2021 13:03 | By Bruja

lime scooter sculptures! Yes! Bring it on!!!

Made me smile.

Posted on 19-02-2021 12:51 | By morepork

Whether you approve of lime scooters or not (I’m still on the fence but leaning away from them...), you have to admit, this is a pretty innovative and clever piece of work. Whatever you say about NZ, you can’t call us boring... :-)


Posted on 19-02-2021 12:14 | By

Awesome piece of artwork and probably some of the best material used in this sculpture........the best place for these damn things. Well done whoever you are!!