Police blitz targets gangs and guns

The nationwide operation is being launched today. File photo.

A nationwide police operation targeting guns and gangs is being launched today.

Operation Tauwhiro is a long term operation to disrupt and prevent firearms-related violence by criminal gangs and organised crime groups.

“Violent offending, particularly involving firearms, poses significant risk and causes fear and long term harm in our communities," says Commissioner Andrew Coster.

“Groups that commit violence involving firearms can expect to be the focus of significant Police enforcement attention.”

Coster says this kind of offending is completely unacceptable and is a high priority for investigators.

“A key focus of the operation will be investigating and disrupting the illegal supply of firearms to gangs and organised crime groups, which is enabling firearms violence.

“This includes the illegal manufacture, modification, and supply of firearms to gangs and organised crime groups.

“The operation will hold these people to account while also identifying where we can prevent further harm and victimisation."

Each Police District will run their own tailored initiative and will work closely with iwi and our partner agencies to identify underlying risk factors and implement appropriate interventions.

This may include working with iwi, community NGOs, probation and parole officers, and other community groups to offer services and support that can help address the underlying causes of violence and build greater community resilience.

Operation Tauwhiro is the first operation aligned to the new Organised Crime Strategy.

The strategy provides a framework for delivering the Police-specific elements of the Transnational Organised Crime Strategy, the Resilience to Organised Crime in Communities work programme, and broader prevention and enforcement activities.

A key element of the strategy is to address organised crime, its social drivers and the harm it causes, says Coster.

Police welcomes information from anyone who has concerns about organised crime, illicit drugs or illegal firearms in their community.

They are encouraged to report online at, call Police on 105, or report anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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Posted on 19-02-2021 12:54 | By morepork

I wish them every success. I’m really tired of gangs trying to make NZ "little America".

lets get real

Posted on 19-02-2021 12:23 | By dumbkof2

there will have to be a royal commission then a consultation period after which they will have to talk to all the experts just to make sure they don’t infringe on anyones rights


Posted on 19-02-2021 10:20 | By

I wonder what actions will be taken in regard to air-powered weapons and the new trick in the box which is firing projectiles at people with modern slingshots...?