Tauranga fraudulent parking ticket warning

An example of a real council parking ticket on the left, compared with the fraudulent one on the right.

Con-artists are taking scams to a new level, with fraudulent parking tickets in Tauranga.

Tauranga City Council says they have been made aware of a fraudulent parking ticket being placed on a vehicle in Tauranga.

“This has not been issued by council,” says a council spokesperson.

“If you receive a parking ticket and you have concerns, there are a number of ways you can confirm its legitimacy.”

These including parking infringements and bus lane infringements will all have a unique six digit infringement number on them.

This number can be used to pay the infringement through council’s website, says Tauranga Council.

“If paying a fine via internet banking, always use the infringement number and the word ‘parking’ in the description to ensure the money is allocated correctly.”

If you have any concerns, please contact us to confirm the legitimacy of an infringement notice on 075777000 or


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Tom Ranger

Posted on 22-02-2021 13:02 | By

@morepork. Each to "their" own. ;) I avoid the CBD so much...fines just aren’t possible for me. I’m never there anymore. lol Oh and may your luck continue to work for you long into the future. : )

@Tom Ranger

Posted on 19-02-2021 13:26 | By morepork

(Can’t believe I spelled "there" incorrectly in my post... getting old...) Your solution (don’t get tickets) is inarguably the best, but I do occasionally incur a fine. As my visits downtown are becoming much less frequent (for all the reasons people have posted here), I’m thinking maybe a new strategy might be the answer. What if I don’t ever put money in the meters? It’s unlikely I’d be caught EVERY time. If I get caught say, one in five, the fine can be considered spread over five parkings... might work out cheaper... or not.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 19-02-2021 09:11 | By

I just don’t get any fines morepork ; ) This has become typical business practice in my experience Hapukafin. It could easily be argued that patrons haven’t known the terms of the agreement they are accepting when entering the park and the info hasn’t been disclosed appropriately to patrons. Agree.. Misleading intentions.

wilson parking.

Posted on 18-02-2021 14:34 | By hapukafin

Had a shocking experience with a Wilson parking building in our capital city over the weekend,.On entering the sign in extra large print says $4.After 3 hour parking and$24 later a check of the sign in small print says for 30 min.When do we use half hour as our timing,generally its by the hour.This is misleading signing,you dont get a chance to read the sign when driving through.

Is their no limit...

Posted on 18-02-2021 14:03 | By morepork

... to the lengths that scammers will go to? I smiled when I saw this, but it was a wry smile... Sadly, none of the advice in the last 3 paragraphs will prevent the scam. If someone decides to pay by Bank transfer to the account printed on the ticket, none of the things mentioned mean anything. I always pay fines in person, at the Council offices, and now I’m glad I do.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 18-02-2021 12:45 | By

I’d love it if they were caught on dash cam or CCTV.