25% of Kiwis have poor mental health – study

The study was conducted by global research company Ipsos. Photo: File Image.

A quarter of New Zealand currently has poor levels of mental health and emotional wellbeing, according to a recent study commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation.

The study, conducted by global research company Ipsos, provides an insight into the wellbeing of New Zealanders and was administered at the end of 2020, following nearly a year of living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This data shows the government needs to up its game to fulfil its promises around mental health," MHF chief executive Shaun Robinson says.

While the average wellbeing score is positive, the MHF is concerned to see 25 per cent of New Zealanders have low wellbeing and are at risk of developing poor mental health.

Women (one in three) and those with a yearly household income of $50,000 or less are at particular risk of falling into this category.

Those who did not have good lifestyle habits to support their wellbeing were heavily represented in the at-risk quarter of the population.

Under 35s and Pasifika also have lower than average wellbeing scores.

"We can do better than this, and we must," Shaun says.

"Good mental and emotional wellbeing is proven to be an asset for personal, whanau, community and work-related success. If we are to recover from COVID-19 we cannot afford to ignore the signs that a significant portion of our population need support."

Shaun says this is a wake-up call to the government that it is long past time to take urgent action to implement He Ara Oranga and fulfil its promises around mental health.

“We are disappointed. He Ara Oranga was a beacon of hope for a revolution of change for the mental health of New Zealanders but, in many ways, it seems to have stagnated. There is still no transparent and accountable plan for its implementation.

He Ara Oranga is the report of the Government Inquiry into mental health and addiction.

"The cold reality is that things at the coal face of mental health have not changed for many New Zealanders since He Ara Oranga was first published," Shaun says.

"Our most vulnerable people are still waiting, and more people are tipping into that vulnerable category. That is not acceptable."

The MHF was dismayed to learn that the government has allocated no funding at all for mental wellbeing promotion in the entirety of its $1.9 billion Wellbeing Budget.

Furthermore, the world-leading programme Getting Through Together, rolled out nationwide to help New Zealanders cope with the impacts of COVID-19, is due to lose all government funding by June 2021.

This is despite proven results: Getting Through Together successfully reached over a third of all New Zealand adults in 2020, with 58 per cent of those stating they were empowered to take action for their wellbeing as a result of the programme.

"This is truly a short-sighted waste of investment and a missed opportunity to build long-term positive mental wellbeing," Shaun says.

"Investing in wellbeing promotion now prevents people from needing more acute support down the line, it boosts our personal and community wellbeing - it’s the smart thing to do and the right thing to do.”

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Oh no....

Posted on 15-02-2021 21:35 | By groutby

....I cannot let this article get away without commenting on how so many must be so fragile they have increased personal mental instability as a resultof the Covid-19 lockdown...I notice as usual $$ figures are mentioned , and women, Pasifica and under 35’s...almost all in fact except for those who are usually blamed for most things..for goodness sake, when do many of these people take personal responsibility for themselves rather than needing help at the ’drop of a hat?’..or sneeze...There is understanding that many are genuine, but if some others feel so inadequate and need additional help when everyone else is able to cope with lifes ’twists and turns’, then perhaps Mummies and Daddies should step up and do their job correctly in the first place!