COVID-19: New community case confirmed

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A new case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in the community.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed an individual who had been a guest at the managed isolation facility at the Pullman Hotel and has been isolating at home in Hamilton since 30 January has tested positive for COVID-19.

They are the fourth person to test positive after leaving the Pullman. A woman from Northland and a father and daughter from Auckland are the other cases.

All recent Pullman managed isolation guests have been required to self-isolate for five days following completion of their 14 days in managed isolation.

The individual has been isolating at home in Hamilton since leaving the Pullman on January 30 and, like the other three, had returned three negative tests prior to testing positive.

“The case reinforces the importance of the self-isolation and repeat testing strategy we have adopted around people leaving managed isolation at the Pullman,” says a Ministry of Health spokesperson.

The hotel is now gradually emptying and will be closed to new arrivals while officials investigate any possible sources of transmission there.

“Based on our current assessment of the circumstances around this case, we consider the public health risk to be low and people in and around Hamilton should not be alarmed.”

More information will be made available at 1pm, the statement said.

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Sorry, I'm alarmed.

Posted on 06-02-2021 12:18 | By morepork

I’m not criticizing the measures in place but the fact that we are detecting people who are supposed to be clear, means there could be others we have not detected and they could be mingling with the general population. What about people from the Pullman who didn’t self isolate? Unless EVERY SINGLE person from the hotel was monitored and re-tested, it IS "alarming"...