Firearms buy-back begins Monday

Appointments need to be made first before handing in firearms for amnesty. Photos: SunLive

Ahead of the firearms buy-back beginning on Monday, Police wants to remind people of the things they can do to ensure the process runs smoothly and safely when handing in prohibited firearms, other specified items, or any items for amnesty.

“To hand in any items as part of the buy-back, the first thing people need to do is make an appointment with their regional collection team," says Amnesty and Buy-back Programme Director Inspector Richard Wilson.

Appointments can be made with a regional collection team by emailing

“Booking a time with our regional collection teams means you meet with the assessors during your appointment so the condition of your item or items can be assessed, the price can be advised at the time, and the payment process actioned," says Inspector Wilson.

"If people just walk into a station they will need to wait until the regional collection teams are in town before their items can be assessed and a price advised to enable compensation."

Wilson advises that when people come to the Police station at their allocated time that they need to be mindful of the following things:

  •   •  Transport firearm/s and items securely in a soft firearms bag or lockable hard transit case.

  •   •  Ensure no firearms or magazines are loaded.

  •   •  Bring photo identification, such as firearms licence, driver licence, or passport.

  •   •  Provide bank account number and proof of bank account -  this is to verify Police have the correct number to make the compensation payment.

If people are unsure whether the items they possess are prohibited, they can find more information and the price list on our website:

“We will also take in any arms items people would like to hand in under amnesty," says Wilson.

For example, this could be a firearm someone has inherited when a family member passed away.”

While the amnesty runs for six months, the buy-back will run for three months so appointments will need to be booked and attended before May 1 2021.

More information about these processes is available online at

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Posted on 31-01-2021 10:41 | By dumbkof2

park outside gang HQ and you will get truck loads. yeh right tui ad. once again only getting weapons off the good guys