Vaping regulations consultation opens today

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The Ministry of Health is encouraging Kiwis to provide feedback on draft regulations under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act through an online consultation. 

An amendment to the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990 commenced on 11 November 2020.  

The amendment means that vaping products are now controlled in a similar way to tobacco products,” says MOH group manager Jane Chambers. 

“However, new regulations are required to fully deliver the changes sought by the Government and to support the right settings for the legislation.

“We’re seeking public feedback on the draft regulations because if we want to get it right, it’s important everyone has a chance to have their say. Feedback will help shape the final regulations." 

She says the proposed regulations cover a range of areas including the display of vaping products in retail stores and websites; the use of harm reduction statements in retail stores and websites; the display of R18 notices at vaping points of sale; packaging requirements for vaping products; and the responsibilities of manufacturers and importers who intend to sell vaping products or smokeless tobacco products.  

“I encourage people to read the draft regulations and provide feedback using the online tool or download the feedback form and email it to

“This consultation is an important step towards better supporting smokers to switch to regulated products that are less harmful than smoking and to protect children, young people and non-smokers from the risks associated with vaping and smokeless tobacco products,” she says. 

The consultation closes at 5pm on March 15 2021.

The final regulations will be notified in due course and it is expected they will take effect in August 2021, with anonymised submissions published on the Ministry of Health website.    

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 03-02-2021 10:43 | By

@morepork - I’m a vaper/recovering smoker. I tend to agree with you though. Ideally make it not available. But I don’t want to see either a black-market open for them or govt taking more and more taxes from them taking advantage of the addicted. Essentially making them drug peddlers for profit. While falsely portraying they are trying to help us stop and taxes have nothing to do with it.

I sent my submission...

Posted on 26-01-2021 13:39 | By morepork

... a few minutes ago. It won’t make any difference, but it is nice to use our Democracy while we still have it... :-) I don’t want Vaping regulated; I want it banned. It is a cynical industry invented by people overseas, that provides a pointless, useless, and actually, dangerous product, allowing them to profit from the weakness and misery of other people. I don’t believe it helps people quit smoking; it simply redirects addiction into something else. There will be absolutely NO benefit overall to our country from embracing this. Tax it, charge it, no matter what we do, it will not cover the long term health damage and misery that continued addiction , and products that abet continued addiction, will inflict on our society.