Buy-back for soon to be prohibited firearms

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Police will be running a buy-back to collect newly prohibited firearms, pistol carbine conversion kits, and associated parts as per regulations which take effect in February.

The regulations and buy back will begin on February 1 and the price list has also been published.

“The three-month buy-back will be based at police stations by appointment, with applications for compensation made at the time the items are handed over to Police,” says Deputy Commissioner Jevon McSkimming.

“Unlike last year, we won’t be doing any large collection events this time.

“The difference for this buy-back is that we are dealing with a much smaller number of firearms and parts.

“We know that because of the types of firearms that have been prohibited this time.”

The new rules mainly impact pistols, and those pump action rifles recently manufactured or imported through permit and dealer sales records.

Police are asking people to start contacting them now by emailing to book an appointment from February to bring in their items.

“We appreciate the support the firearms community gave us in the previous buy-back and we want to ensure we’re doing all we can to make this next one as easy as we can for people again,” says Jevon.

“Booking times to hand over items when our regional collection teams are at the location will ensure each person gets the time they need to ask questions, ensure there is no rushing, no queues, and they will also be meeting with the assessors so everything can be dealt with at that time.

“If people don’t book when our collection teams are on site and instead come in at any time, their applications won’t be able to be completed on the day.

“Their information will wait in the system until the collection teams are on site and able to assess the type and condition of the firearm/s in order to progress the application.

“We know from the 2019 buy-back that one on one interactions and discussions with licence holders are key to running a smooth and informed buy-back.

“As we’re working with a smaller group of licence holders this time, we have been able to take a more individualized approach.

“We have also been able start engaging directly with the firearms owners we know are most likely to have these items.

“However, to do our absolute best to reach everybody we will be running an advertising and media campaign, and we will have some drop in days when collection teams are at sites for people who haven’t booked ahead.

Police are also putting detailed information on their website. More information and key dates are online.

The buy-back will run for three months, so people will need to apply for compensation by May 1 at a station when handing in their items.

If people have unique items there is a separate process as there was last year and those applications must be made within the first 60 days, by April 2.

Dealer compensation applications must also be made within those first 60 days. .

While the buy-back ends on May 1, the amnesty period will run until 1 August for anybody who still wishes to hand over a prohibited item or pistol carbine conversion kit.

People who want to retain their prohibited items or pistol carbine conversion kits will need to make endorsement and permit applications within 60 days February 1 and applications can be submitted now.

There will be no modifications process for this group of newly prohibited firearms.

“We have a good partnership with our firearms community and we are committed to maintaining and growing that relationship to ensure that together we are working to keep firearms only in the hands of people who have shown themselves responsible enough to have them,” says Jevon.

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Posted on 25-01-2021 13:47 | By morepork

I understand your frustration. Do you have any alternative ideas that could make things safer?

How stupid

Posted on 24-01-2021 07:33 | By Johnney

Do our politicians honestly believe the bad guys are going to rock up and hand in their illegal guns. They are all living in fairyland with our leader spreading around her fairy dust with her magic wand.

Thanks JAcinda

Posted on 23-01-2021 20:04 | By

Now that Carbine conversions are illegal I feel safer already Despite only been able to be used by the most heavily vetted law abiding group in New Zealand and never having been commissioned in a single crime

Lip service

Posted on 23-01-2021 15:17 | By Angels

Who really believes this . Who would ever think the bad guys are ever going to hand over there guns??? Do the politicians etc really think the public are so stupid. This only gives the police state more power. Huge waste of effort and resources,


Posted on 23-01-2021 14:39 | By morepork

That’s easy. None. The "bad guys" will keep their weapons; the honest people will hand them in. I believe there should be much stiffer penalties, with crimes where a gun is presented or used requiring mandatory jail for at least 4 years. Possession of an unlicensed firearm should also be mandatory jail. These "tough guys" need to see how they stack up WITHOUT their guns...

buy back

Posted on 23-01-2021 10:55 | By dumbkof2

They should set up outside gang pads and see how many guns they hand in