Adults urged to exercise before getting vaccine

Research shows increased exercise could benefit elderly people who receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Photo: Supplied.

New Zealand’s exercise industry is supporting the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and protecting the people most vulnerable, says ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie.

He was commenting on the very latest Trinity College Dublin research which found adults aged 60 and older should exercise, such as a brisk walk, at least two to three times per week before being vaccinated.

Exercise is a preventative effort to battle many health conditions and in the case of COVID, the latest research shows it has benefits there too.

So, it’s clear medical experts, as in the Irish research report from Dublin, are supporting the message to increase cardiovascular activity before vaccination, Beddie says.

“The good news in New Zealand is this can be done in many settings: outdoors, at home or an exercise facility. Given our current zero community transmission situation, exercise has never been safer and more needed.

“While COVID-19 does provide a unique reason to lift activity levels – and 50 per cent of adult Kiwis don’t do enough - ideally this should be part of a plan to keep active.”

He says the early benefits of exercise include mental clarity, improved sleep and general positive state of mind.

They will flow onto longer-term health benefits such as cancer and cardiovascular disease reduction, through to significantly lower rates of degenerative diseases.

“Exercise really is the magic pill,” he says.

Vaccine efficacy in older adults can be a challenge due to ageing effects on the immune system.

As people age, the ability to produce robust antibody responses following vaccination declines; they are less likely to generate long-term protection often required for full immunity to a virus.

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Posted on 23-01-2021 14:49 | By

That is still to be proven. Given that so many people who are being given the vaccine are already very close to falling off the perch, I expect many tens of thousands will die very shortly after being given it. It doesn’t mean the vaccine killed them. If anything, it does beg the question of why we are doing all this.


Posted on 23-01-2021 06:56 | By Local Too

Twenty Three people in Norway died because of covid vaccine. I will not be taking this.

Fake news

Posted on 22-01-2021 19:32 | By

This is just self promotion and opportunism based on some weak ass “research”.

Always good

Posted on 22-01-2021 17:15 | By Kancho

Always a good Idea to exercise. The problem u see is that the delivery of vaccinations is being dragged out. We haven’t even had the vaccines approved or anywhere near entering our country. Waiting for more information just an excuse. Any time soon the more contagious strain can break out and we will be back into serious lockdown . Get a move in its going to take a year to vaccinate enough people to make a difference. Get on with it !!