Truck rolled in Mount Maunganui

Emergency services at the scene of the crash. Image: Ursula Keay/SunLive.

UPDATED: A truck and trailer unit has rolled on Hewletts road and is leaking diesel.

A SunLive reporter at the scene says the left-hand north bound lane is blocked at the intersection of Totara Street and Hewletts Road.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Senior Firefighter Burchell says the truck driver has been taken to hospital with moderate injuries, including nasty grazes and a cut to his leg.

He says it is the second time there has been a crash like this in the last one or two years.

“If Hewletts Road goes down it’s chaos.”

The truck is leaking diesel so the fire crew have created a dam to isolate the fuel and will remain on scene until it is contained, says Burchell.

Police were alerted to the crash just before 11.30am, police say in a statement.

“While the road is currently not blocked, the truck and trailer will need to be removed from the area.

“This is expected to take some time and the road will have to be closed when this happens.”

Supplied image.

EARLIER: A truck has crashed in Mount Maunganui.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says a truck and trailer unit has rolled.

"It is at the intersecton of Hewletts Road and Totara Street.

"People should expect delays."

A truck is on its side in Mount Maunganui. Supplied photo.

Another SunLive reader has messaged us on Facebook to say a truck is on its side at the Totara Street and Hewletts Road lights.

Google Live Traffic reporting indicates that traffic is stalled in the area.

Image: Google Maps.

"Due to a crash near Totara St, lanes are blocked," says the NZTA.

"Expect delays and pass the scene with care. Consider alternative route."

SunLive is working on getting more information and will provide an update when we can.

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All The Experts

Posted on 09-01-2021 15:00 | By

Interesting to read the comments of all the class 1 drivers who are experts on everything. If these people knew the actual facts as known by those involved they would think again. Also well done to the eight drivers who were given instant fines by the police for taking photo’s on their phone whilst driving past this accident. Get the facts then comment.

Unbelievable truck driving

Posted on 08-01-2021 15:43 | By tia

As others have posted, truck drivers rushing to beat the lights and not making it around this corner. Throw the book at him/her.

Thanks truck driver!

Posted on 08-01-2021 15:43 | By jed

1hour 50minutes to drive from mount to tga hospital for missed. Also, someone crashed their car on maungutapu bridge causing havoc that way too

Charge the driver!!!

Posted on 08-01-2021 13:32 | By

This muppet driving, or attempting to drive the truck needs the book thrown at him or her. Causing absolute mayhem!!! Done 3kms in 56 far. Moron!!!

another one

Posted on 08-01-2021 13:03 | By

truck crashes 7 in 6 days, here is another one the driver needs prosecuting , too fast around the turn speed the problem, could have crushed a car and killed an innocent person,


Posted on 08-01-2021 11:54 | By hapukafin

not the first one and it wont be the last one,watch them come out of Totara onto Hewletts going too fast to beat the lights,its a wonder there’s not a lot more