Water warning for Coromandel holidaymakers

Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles.

Holidaymakers in the Coromandel are being given a clear message - conserve water over summer or the supply won't be able to cope.

Water usage restrictions have been in place in the district for much of the year in response to drought-like conditions.

Local leaders fear their supply will come under serious pressure when numbers boom over the Christmas-New Year period.

Thames Coromandel District Mayor Sandra Goudie warns that in a dry season and with high visitor numbers, people need to watch their water use.

"We've had smidgeons of rain, and I think we might get the odd fall every now and again during the summer period.

"It doesn't matter what we get, with the accelerated number of visitors people just need to conserve water.

"They need to get that message that we can only provide so much and it has to go through a filtration system before they get it which slows everything down - apart from the fact that we have limited water reservoirs."

Goudie says tourist accommodation is booked out and the number of holidaymakers this summer are expected to be higher than in the past.

"That's pretty fantastic for all the businesses and all those people who really need a break."

With the number of people flocking to the area and drought conditions, the water supply would not be enough unless people conserved water.

"We're having to supply infrastructure, not just for our residents and all rateable properties, but for all of those incredibly excess numbers for that one peak period of the year - which is maximum six weeks."

Property owners needing to bring in water by tanker should plan ahead as it and will only come from the water supply area that can cope with the draw off, and the cost is largely determined by the haulage fee.

The area is also high fire risk and Goudie says there should have been a fire ban all year given how dry and combustible the vegetation has become since last summer.

"I hope they take every precaution - not to light fires, not to let off fireworks and not to let go Chinese lanterns."


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