Water use reaches danger levels across Western Bay

Western Bay residents on high alert as water use threatens to exceed the District’s reservoir capacity. Supplied photo.

Water use across the whole Western Bay District has reached alarming levels in the past 10 days putting the whole District on alert, and increasing the likelihood of restrictions in the Eastern Zone of Te Puke by Christmas Day.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council has raised its water warning to high, effective immediately, across all communities.

Unless water use drops considerably this week, Council will be forced to bring in restrictions (hand-held hoses only) in the Eastern Zone by Christmas Day.

Council’s Utilities Manager Kelvin Hill says water use has increased by 30 percent in the last 10 days and is putting immense strain on reservoir capacity in the Western and Central zones but capacity is at critical levels in the Eastern Zone of Te Puke, Maketu and the surrounding areas.

Reservoirs must maintain a constant 50 per cent minimum water level to meet the daily demands for drinking water, but in some instances capacity has dropped to 25 per cent in recent days.

With no rain in the last fortnight and no significant rain in forecast in the foreseeable future, Kelvin says the situation is extremely concerning and he pleads with people to do everything they can to reduce their water use for everything but essential needs.

“We appreciate that many of our residents are already doing their bit to conserve water – but with Christmas upon us and the surge of holidaymakers about to arrive, we simply have to get the message out loud and clear that we will be in trouble unless we start reducing use immediately.

“If demand in the Eastern Zone of Te Puke and surrounding areas doesn’t reduce this week – we will put a sprinkler ban in place by Christmas Day with the possibility of tougher restrictions soon after.”

Council will be directly contacting its larger water consumers to ask them to be prudent on use.

For more information on how to conserve water visit:

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Posted on 22-12-2020 09:48 | By Kancho

Planning and infrastructure run down everywhere. New Zealand is a relatively wet country just not enough infrastructure and forward planning is a common theme. Everywhere is the same we hear of growth and booming production but seems although we have been warned for many years a climate swing we limp on without considering essential infrastructure needs.