Council approves Historic Village strategy

Tauranga Historic Village.

Tauranga City Council have approved a strategy to grow the city’s Historic Village to make it into more inclusive community hub

The strategy is made of seven different parts, inclding plans for a diverse Community Arts and Culture hub within the village.

The arts and culture project will be in partnership with The Incubator Arts and Culture Trust, who are a creative hub where creatives and community art groups can gather.

They deliver an ‘exhaustive programme of events’ and describe themselves as a ‘collision between arts and people’.

Director of The Incubator Simone Anderson says the current Historic Village has been a game changer for arts and culture in the city.

She says the new direction will impact “not just the community but the whole region”.

“Arts is an un-negotiable element for social wellbeing. The city needs success and positive outcomes and Incubator can really deliver diversity to arts and culture.”

The new strategy is the result of public consultation, including 565 people who filled out a survey and 420 comments on the Tauranga City Council Facebook page.

Simone says it’s not about Incubator taking over the village, but rather complementing and collaborating to create an ‘amazing destination’.

“What the strategy allows us to do is create a cohesive and solid identity.”

The proposal was well-received by the council, with Councilor Larry Baldock describing it as ‘more than a historical village’.

“You guys have made an enormous contribution to its vibrancy.

“I’m in awe of what Simone and Blaire have achieved down there. I’ll be supporting this because of the leadership and the people.”

While Councilor Heidi Hughes says it’s ‘much needed to have this kind of space’.

The new hub will hope to get funding from the TCC Events Fund and Long Term Plan, Creative New Zealand and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage among others.

A Tauranga City Council spokesperson says the vision under the new strategy is to ‘create a unique, inspired and diverse community hub that provides a multitude of experiences catering to a wide range of people, all in one location – The Historic Village.’

"The focus will be on the location’s culture and history, festivals and events, markets and activities, being home to community groups that support the arts, culture and social needs of our community, along with a diverse range of venues, hospitality and unique and complementary shopping experiences.

 "The six other facets of The Historic Village are Hospitality and Retail, Events and Entertainment, Heritage and History, Maori Culture, Social and Community Sector and Environmental and Sustainability."

They hope to expand the hub over the next three years.

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@Tania and Yadick

Posted on 17-12-2020 13:40 | By morepork

I can see both sides. I’ve been visiting the Village on and off since it opened in 1977. Both of you are right. The Village CAN be interesting, stimulating and pleasant, AND it can be boring and dull. Yadick, it is PEOPLE that bring vibrancy; exhibits by themselves can never do that. Watching open air Shakespeare on a Summer evening, sitting on the grass eating fast food during the Jazz festival, even having a beer in the old buildings (as Tania noted) are all really enjoyable activities; but they are enjoyable because you are sharing your experience with other PEOPLE. Over years, the exhibits have changed but the general "vibe" hasn’t and that is a tribute to the PEOPLE who are based there. Any plans that are afoot to change it should recognize that it has to be attractive to PEOPLE for it to be successful.

@ Tania Tala

Posted on 16-12-2020 15:41 | By

Firstly thanks for the same old, same old about my name. I think it’s very apt as well since it’s the name my parents gave me. We can’t all be Blessed with a pretty name like yours. 2ndly, I agree all those places are there, although I have never found Mood, but where’s the vibrancy in it all. If I build a theme park it doesn’t make it inviting and vibrant. A nice one off visit perhaps, tick it off the bucket list. The fire stations gone along with the fire truck, the blacksmith’s gone. Where’s the ’family’ drawcard. Not all guys enjoy gallery after gallery, bridal frock shopping, and gems . . . It’s not supposed to sound sexist and tedious but what is going to draw people, families back apart from the Whipped Baker . . . Merry Christmas Tania.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 16-12-2020 14:57 | By

I may take a better look sometime.... but really...doesn’t sound like my type of place. We are all entitled to our own opinion btw Tania. No-one HAS to like this place and I don’t think it’s the councils place to dedicate ratepayers money to what is, one assumes a private business. Get a bridal frock? Really? lol

Great Place

Posted on 16-12-2020 13:39 | By Tania Tala

Just to respond to Yadick (great name by the way - apt). I am at the Village most days - I see vibrancy and an ever changing array of activities and events on a daily basis. Go visit - take a class, buy some art, visit the radio station(s), join the Gem club, go to the theatre, buy some clothes, visit the market, eat at Mood and have a beer, visit some studios, enjoy the bush, get a bridal frock, visit a gallery...etc etc. Its pretty damn vibrant already and growing and developing all the time. Constant nitpicking by people who don’t actually know the place is getting tedious. It’s just the coolest little community in Tauranga. Rock on the big V!


Posted on 16-12-2020 10:29 | By

It’s a dull dreary place apart from the Whipped Baker. Takeaway the baker and the village barber and it’s nothing. Some shops are open behind closed doors . . . that’s inviting - NOT. The whole place needs some pick me up, some vibrancy, some life.


Posted on 15-12-2020 16:04 | By Kancho

Well the pioneer village needs as much support as possible and the more use it is put to the better. Anyhing that can add to use is a positive . Must check it out again soon

Here we go again...

Posted on 15-12-2020 11:59 | By grobertson

Ka-ching, ka-ching! Money grows on trees. But only for those using other peoplevs money.


Posted on 15-12-2020 07:25 | By

Well they’ve called it a hub so that means it must be good.