Heavy traffic on SH2 near Bethlehem after crash

The crash involved two cars. Supplied image.

A two car crash on State Highway 2 near Wairoa Road is causing heavy traffic.

A woman has contacted SunLive and says two cars were involved in the accident.

Traffic is backed up to the Te Puna roundabout in the lanes heading towards Tauranga, she says.

If you are heading to Te Puna from the city, traffic is slow but flowing ok, she says.

A police spokesperson says the two car crash happened at 12.35pm and both cars are reported to be significantly damaged but no one appears to have been to have been seriously injured.

Towing has been arranged for the two cars, they say.

Traffic is heavy between Te Puna and Bethlehem. Image: Google Maps.

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Agree bruce. B

Posted on 09-12-2020 11:44 | By

Totally agree.......I was being flippant. The authorities believe that reducing the speed will solve all the problems......they are going to be disappointed!!

Heavy Traffic?

Posted on 09-12-2020 10:03 | By

How unusual for Tauranga. Wait until the great 1 way system goes into the Mount and there’s a nose to tail . . . and a tow truck or 2 are needed . . . and a fire truck . . . and 2 or 3 Police cars . . . and an Ambulance or 2 . . . and swivel head onlookers gather roadside . . .

Not true, The Professor

Posted on 09-12-2020 08:25 | By

Dropping the speed limit will not change anything because the drivers still have there cell phones

Not long now.....

Posted on 08-12-2020 17:12 | By

Don’t worry, there won’t be any further accidents along the SH2 between Whaihi and Bethlehem once the speed limit is reduced. We can start planning some job cuts amongst our emergency services now.