Tauranga development described as inner city oasis

An artist’s impression shows what Thirty Eight Elizabeth will look like when it is finished.

Living above Farmers sounds like the perfect easy living, with benefits. If you’re cooking a large chicken and your appliance goes ‘boom’, you can pop downstairs and pick up a new one, no problem at all.

The convenience factor of this inner city oasis opens up new ways of enjoying life.

Friends popping in can easily park, meet you in the food and beverage area, go back to your apartment for a drink and then head back downstairs for an appetiser.

Meanwhile, the grandkids are off shopping.

Thirty Eight Elizabeth is the name unveiled at a breakfast event in Tauranga this week for the much-anticipated $200 million Farmers Tauranga Development, which is rising rapidly on the corner of Elizabeth St and Devonport Rd.

It will be New Zealand’s first development to offer an architecturally designed modern mix of retail, residential and dining in one prime location.

The idea of living in an apartment or townhouse in downtown Tauranga, with unparalleled views overlooking the city, harbour and towards the Mount is hugely appealing to those keen to get off the traffic grid and have everything they need within walking distance.

The new Farmers flagship store and other select retail and dining experiences will be complemented by the residential offering of 97 luxurious apartments and 23 sky townhouses - now collectively named Elizabeth Towers.

“It was time to give this spectacular site its names,” says project manager Brett Nicholls.

“As Elizabeth Towers goes up within Thirty Eight Elizabeth, we want the local community to feel as proud of this site as we do.”

The new gateway to the inner city, Thirty Eight Elizabeth, due to open in late 2021, is expected to draw life and heart back into the downtown area. The Elizabeth Towers’ apartments and townhouses will be available to view and purchase shortly after.

Fashionistas will fall in love as all the cosmetic houses and fashion labels will be within the full-range store which will feature higher ceilings than traditional stores, creating a sense of lightness and airiness.

“There’s no other development in New Zealand with A-grade retail stores like this.”

A podium sitting above the retail and dining precinct will feature a spectacular sky garden – a cosmopolitan replacement for the traditional backyard with communal garden terraces, a state-of-the-art pool, spa, gym, and entertainment areas.

For residents, the expansive windows and generous, oversized balconies complementing the contemporary design in the apartments and townhouses within Elizabeth Towers will give an overall sense of sanctuary and privacy as well as a timeless elegance. 

An exclusive residential basement car park will expand across the full site, providing plenty of parking for owners. A further 160 carparks will be provided for shoppers.

There has already been strong interest from homebuyers, but the decision to build before putting the homes on the market is one that Brett is sticking with.

“We are choosing to build before bringing the offering to the market to demonstrate its high level of thought, craftsmanship and quality - seeing is believing.”

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Posted on 07-12-2020 15:22 | By Justin T.

And once every apartment is purchased Council will sign off the permit for another carpark building to fill the vista. Ah yes.... a Kingsview.

Absolutely positive

Posted on 07-12-2020 14:37 | By Johnney

Ignore the nimbys and doomsayers. Great to see a positive development in our city after years of neglect, the biggest culprit being our council. If more inner city development is encouraged then this can only be good for CBD. Council has allowed many offices to flee the CBD, and shopping centres expand on the fringes. Council can’t even get their act together on their own offices, transportation hubs and car park buildings. Their performance is just a joke.

Some may find the comments

Posted on 07-12-2020 12:59 | By SML

very negative, but sadly they are the truth. I experienced going down Devonport Rd to the Strand, and gave up counting the empty shops when we got to 2 dozen - and there’s quite possibly double that number, just in one street of the inner CBD. And as a wheelchair user, trying to get a mobility park is downright impossible. Very sad, and TCC needs to get it’s collective heads out of their [insert your own description] and see the horrendous mess they have made of a once bustling city.

Comedy gold

Posted on 07-12-2020 12:11 | By

Probably best to take the chicken downstairs and let Farmers cook it for you. They’ll just be glad somebody popped in. It’s a top selling point though. I look forward to the dining precinct. It will be a portfolio of dining options. I’m surprised with this sales pitch they haven’t intrigued us more with talk of Michelin stars or celebrity chefs. Probably not yet signed up, hush hush. They forgot to mention the brothel across the street.

Late 2021

Posted on 07-12-2020 11:15 | By

The heart of the inner city . . . By late 2021 it won’t just be the heart of the inner city, it WILL be the inner city. Everything else will be gone, closed down, used only for rough sleeping, rough lounging, toileting and rubbish dumping. My Wife and I decided to go into the city on the weekend. The Christmas Spirit, the Christmas hustle and bustle, the Christmas festivities were truly alive . . . somewhere else. Certainly wasn’t in our thriving inner city. The place was/is dead and gone. It was a deserted, dirty, run down disappointment. It could be such a beautiful, thriving, stunning city of NZ . . .

Sounds great for the wealthy few!

Posted on 07-12-2020 10:13 | By bigted

But at what cost? I see council are having to upgrade water and sewerage services in First Ave. It would be interesting to know who is paying for this. Is this another example of developers gaining at the ratepayer’s expense?


Posted on 07-12-2020 10:11 | By Carlos spicywiener

Top floors must have a good view-of a failed CBD.


Posted on 07-12-2020 07:30 | By

The funniest sales pitch ever! Tauranga’s fashionistas will love the convenience of popping down to Willow Street to pick up their smack. Don’t trip over the bums who will be living on your doorstep. “Sky townhouses”! That’s a first. Love it.