Clout: “Commissioners wrong step for Tauranga”

Tauranga City Councillor Kelvin Clout. File photo.

Tauranga City Councillor Kelvin Clout has grave concerns around the Government’s intention to replace elected members of Council with a Wellington-appointed Commission.

On Friday, the Minister of Local Government signaled her intention to appoint a commission for Tauranga City.

In a statement released in the afternoon, Nanaia Mahuta confirmed the Tauranga City Council has been advised of her intention to appoint a commission in response to significant governance problems among the Council’s elected representatives and the findings of an independent review.

“I have been closely watching the conduct of the Council for a number of months. I have grown increasingly concerned at the governance issues, and the impact this has on Tauranga ratepayers and significant investment in the region," says Mahuta.

"The Council was given the opportunity to address the concerns, but has demonstrated that more direct action is needed.”

Nanaia Mahuta.

Tauranga City Council has 10 working days to respond to the Minister’s letter of intention.

Kelvin Clout is concerned about the potential appointment.

“Just in time for Christmas, the Government is playing Santa Claus and gifting us their Commission. The imposition of a Commission tramples over the democratic rights of Tauranga’s residents.

“While I acknowledge that personal conflicts have dominated the first year of our term, the recent resignation of Mayor Tenby Powell creates the opportunity to restore integrity and stability to our leadership with the coming by-elections.

“Minister Mahuta should trust our community to determine the course of our future, rather than inflicting planned development on us from Wellington.”

Clout says in her letter, Minister Mahuta expressed concern that Council would not set rates at a “realistic level”.

“While she may feel that Tauranga needs double-digit rates rises into the future, local democracy should decide how we fund the future of our city.”

He feels a Wellington-appointed Commission won’t understand what the Tauranga community needs.

“I believe that the by-elections next year will mark a turning point for Tauranga’s leadership. Commissioners represent a wrong path for our city.

“I implore Minister Mahuta to trust our community and not deploy the nuclear option.”



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Wrong again Clout

Posted on 07-12-2020 17:21 | By Reality_Check

K Clout appears to like to talk but whether it is Orion Drive, or other things, he just talks and when it comes to doing something it is completly ineffective and passed onto others to deal with. Clout commented about Garry Pooles poor computer skills but did he do anything to get shot of Poole before the 5 years of his tenure was up - I suspect not.

@Robert MacAdam

Posted on 06-12-2020 13:35 | By morepork

You make a very good point. I believe there are people here who could do it and would be competent; the trick is getting them to come forward. I have been giving this more thought lately and even considered throwing my hat in (until reason persuaded me not to... :-)). It isn’t about money or high salary, it is about a genuine desire to get it together and help Tauranga be the city it COULD be. I think we need to observe candidates closely and be sure what their motivation is before we vote. But I do believe we have the right people.

@ RhysM

Posted on 06-12-2020 08:17 | By

Well summarized however I think the destruction started some time ago and this Council, particularly by the stirrings of Kelvin, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. As someone said so aptly in a different post regarding TCC - it’s time to drain the swamp.


Posted on 06-12-2020 08:11 | By

Wonderful how Clout on the way out deflects to a commissioner as an issue for democracy of residents rights! Where in fact his and select others in council are in that very breach of our rights by denying residents having a high functioning and performing council! The tall poppy club six needs out, a fresh start for Tauranga. Let’s get on with it.

Clout out

Posted on 05-12-2020 18:42 | By

Dysfunctional council, self interested, retrograde. Need to eliminate the old, tired guard and have a commissioner revitalise the council. The current council has destroyed a wonderful city.

@ Accountable

Posted on 05-12-2020 15:50 | By nerak

In the following sentence lies a great part of the council problems - "The staff start with the result they want and their object is always to work towards that result come hell or high water." How right you are! A clean out of many overpaid staff is also badly needed. Seats warmed for years by gift of the gab, self interested people who wouldn’t be given the time of day in private business. In fact, there are probably a few councillors worth retaining, with the right staff behind them.

get rid

Posted on 05-12-2020 15:01 | By

get rid of the lot once and for all Baldock, clout. the lot useless, when the people of tauranga vote again do it right this time, I remember asking a group of retired ladies who they are going to vote for, they said crosby, i said so you like his polices ,oh, what polices we are voting for him becourse he is a nice man a gentleman, i was dumb founded, there is too many retirement villages in tauranga it is the geriatric city of nz, which is holding it back, it is becoming one big retirement village, and the old people do not like change

Hilarious in the delusion

Posted on 05-12-2020 14:47 | By jed

Clout and councillors need to take a hard look at themselves. Absolutely the government needs to take over.

Disappointing but has to happen

Posted on 05-12-2020 14:08 | By

I moved here from Auckland 5 years ago to a defunct Council making poor decisions like removing the Mount shopping carpark in an already carpark short retail zone. I voted for Tenby but the remaining bad call boys were returned to the table. My concern is can we find the right people in this city who are capable. Most who are, are not interested. Really competent people need to stand to move this city forward!!!

Way too late.

Posted on 05-12-2020 13:35 | By morepork

Had your chance; blew it. Now move on gracefully. A Commission or the existing shower? It’s a no-brainer. I am a fervent supporter of Democracy, but I’d rather see a troop of monkeys managing the city than the current council. Everybody (councilors and the community) can learn by this and, hopefully, we will be more careful in the selection of candidates in future. Don’t blame it ALL on 10B; take some responsibility, then leave with some dignity (as all of you should have, months ago...)

If you

Posted on 05-12-2020 12:39 | By Merlin

If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen Mr Clout you should fall on your sword.The council is totally disfunctional.


Posted on 05-12-2020 12:09 | By fluke15

I agree with Accountable personally and think that an observer would be a better move with a review 6 months after the Byelection

Wrong approach

Posted on 05-12-2020 11:33 | By Accountable

Like the Repco add it starts with the parts but where Council is concerned it starts with the staff! Yes, I agree there are some incompetent Councillors who are there for their ego’s but we have moved on two of them already and if Mr Baldock see’s the light he will be the last of the trouble makers which will leave us a good team to control the staff ego’s. The problems always start with the staff because they are the iniators of most of the idiotic results that bug the city today. The staff make sure the Councillors have mega pages of information that makes it vurtually impossible to to get to the bottom of what the staff are trying to wangle. The staff start with the result they want and their object is always to work towards that result come hell or high water. No Councillors needed.


Posted on 05-12-2020 09:45 | By

The commissioned report spoke of councillors lack of self-awareness. QED Kevin. It’ll be good to see the back of you all.

A Joke

Posted on 05-12-2020 09:38 | By Told you

Considering we are a city and not a town the present council has let us down completely and are an embarrassment to us ratepayers, I for one welcome a commissioner to run the city, and maybe weed out a few dead heads.

Gotta try something

Posted on 05-12-2020 08:40 | By gottabekidding

Anything is better than voted in counsellors have got no clue on anything that they are voting on anyway! Making bad decisions and wasting money left, right and centre. They are only voted in because there’s no other option, just let the people are actually paid at the council to do these jobs do the job.

Furthermore Kelvin

Posted on 05-12-2020 08:39 | By

I suggest you read the comment below by ’Bushpig’ and read it over and over again until it finally sinks in.

Hang Your Heads In Shame

Posted on 05-12-2020 08:38 | By Parkmore

What a shower.... You should all resign now...Maybe Powell was heavy handed with you all but it appears justified. You are putting the national focus on Tauranga for all the wrong reasons. Please get the message, you have failed badly and should pay the price, none of this council can claim any worthwhile credit...Do the right thing and move on...

Flip Flop

Posted on 05-12-2020 08:18 | By gincat

I am more than confident councilor Clout will flip flop tomorrow and will be in total agreement with the appointment of a commission.

Unhappy voter

Posted on 05-12-2020 08:06 | By

You are wrong Mr Clout. You are not doing the job asked of you and the infighting and disfunction of you and your colleagues is an embarrassment to our city.

You all blew it

Posted on 05-12-2020 07:51 | By Kancho

Too late ratepayers are already over it. The mistakes and waste of money in a long list of projects have lost credibility of council and staff. Councillors have been squabbling all year as failed projects have failed and annoyed ratepayers as staff have stuffed up. Can’t do any worse with a commissioner I should think but maybe less cost if we sack councillors.

What a farce

Posted on 05-12-2020 07:41 | By Angels

How we vote for councillors must change. It’s almost impossible to get rid of a bad apple or more. We have seen when we get some toxic people in council. One of the worst was put back in again last time then demoted after being made deputy mayor. Councillors knew he was extremely toxic. Public needs better info and a way to get rid of toxic councillors.

Wrong again Clout

Posted on 05-12-2020 07:21 | By

The community has spoken. They are right behind this according to feedback and polls. YOU should resign along with your inept trough feeding colleagues and at least save us a few bob with your inflated waste of money salaries. I trust the Commission much more than you.