Pig carcass among dumped rubbish on BOP highways

Rubbish alongside state highways in the Bay of Plenty.

Furniture, clothing and a dead pig have all been picked up by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency as contractors clean up illegally dumped rubbish on Bay of Plenty highways.

Waka Kotahi is responsible for rubbish collection on and alongside state highways.

Bay of Plenty System Manager Rob Campbell says earlier this month, contractors came across a large pile of rubbish, including furniture, clothing and a dead pig at a single site on State Highway 30.

“The cost for clean-up and disposal for a single site like this can sometimes stretch into the thousands of dollars; considerably more than it would cost someone to take it directly to their local landfill.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. In the past three months, we have had similar clean-up sites elsewhere on SH30, on State Highway 2, State Highway 5, State Highway 29, State Highway 33 and State Highway 38.

“During three weeks in September our contractors collected more than 1650kg of rubbish in the Eastern Bay of Plenty alone. This equates to 247 bags and 104 hours of work.

“Our contractors work hard to carry out all activities on the network. Rubbish, especially large amounts, can be dangerous for road users and the clean-up can put the safety of our road workers at risk.

“Rubbish clean-up also diverts resource and funding from other important road maintenance activities. We do as much as we can within the resources available but if contractors picked up rubbish full time, then that would be funding and resource that wouldn’t be spent fixing potholes, surface damage, signs or markings.

“All of this is completely avoidable if people just clean up after themselves.”

People with concerns about rubbish on state highways or who see someone illegally dumping rubbish on a state highway can call 0800 4 HIGHWAYS.


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Posted on 03-12-2020 11:57 | By morepork

You are 100% right that we tend to accept this as "modern living" and sigh and move on. Attitudes need to change and it is important to teach kids not to drop litter (even if their friends do) . I was in Worms (Germany) one night and observed a bunch of youths who had been partying and were very happy. They were walking (staggering...) and eating fast food. One of them was unaware that he had dropped some wrappers in the street, and one of his friends turned around, picked them up, and put them in a bin. Even in the happy state, that kid had been taught not to litter... I still remember being impressed by the parenting... :-)

What can we do?

Posted on 03-12-2020 11:49 | By morepork

Watch out for and report when you see this happening to the number given in the article. It should be possible to engage with the tip when you have a large amount of stuff to get rid off and they should offer a better price and or allow it to be paid in installments or added to Rates. Fines for fly-tipping, as in the photos, should be increased, with imprisonment for extreme cases and health hazards (like dead pigs...) Council should be doing everything they can to make it easy for people to dispose of the inevitable waste that comes out of modern living and Transfer stations should NOT be seen as profit centres. We live in a beautiful place and we should all aspire to keep it that way. "Littering" should be recognized as the truly offensive crime that it is and it should be socially unacceptable.

@Terry Hall

Posted on 03-12-2020 11:39 | By morepork

A fair point about high charges; refuse disposal or "Transfer" sites should be non-profit. Maybe, instead of complicating the whole process of rubbish collection, Council could subsidize the facilities we do have, better. However, I don’t accept your argument that this is the cause of dumping. There are lazy people who don’t care about the environment or anything much, beside themselves, and they will make no effort, even if tipping was free.


Posted on 03-12-2020 08:12 | By

There must be, in a pile that size, something in there to identify the mongrels that have done this. I saw those pictures and couldn’t believe my eyes. A stark reminder of my home country. If the perpetrators are not caught and seriously held to account then trust me it’s only going to get worse and people will become more lax about it and say, oh well that’s society today. We are each society so when we blame society we blame ourselves as well . . . It’s not society so the ever increasing handful of mongrels doing this need to be found and dealt with seriously.


Posted on 02-12-2020 16:23 | By

it will get worse, council tip charges, people cannot afford them, i went with a small car trailer $60.00, come on my neighbour’s was even higher, that is why people dump on the road side,.