Six Pakistan cricketers test positive for COVID-19

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Six members of the Pakistan touring cricket squad, currently in managed isolation in Christchurch, have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Two of these six results have been deemed “historical”, while four have been confirmed as new.

This means that, in line with the protocols governing the squad’s entry into New Zealand, the six members of the squad will be moved to the quarantine arm of the managed isolation facility. 

As a consequence, the Pakistan team’s exemption to train while in managed isolation has been put on hold until investigations have been completed.

While this is disappointing for the Pakistan squad, the testing outcomes and the actions taken show the government system is working, New Zealand Cricket says in a release. 

Prior to leaving Lahore, all members of the Pakistan touring squad returned negative results on the four occasions they were tested.

Separately, NZC has also been made aware that some members of the Pakistan team have contravened managed isolation protocols.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health says the medical officer of health at Canterbury District Health Board sent a letter to the squad’s management to be communicated to the whole team, reinforcing that all team members were required to stay in their rooms until advised otherwise.

In addition, since their arrival, several team members have been seen on CCTV breaching managed isolation rules, despite clear, consistent and detailed communication of expected behaviours while in the facility.

The team as a whole has been issued with a final warning, the ministry statement says. 

NZC will have discussions with Pakistan to assist them in understanding the requirements.

Pakistan’s first match against the Black Caps is a T20 at Eden Park on December 18.


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Let's look at it.

Posted on 27-11-2020 12:28 | By morepork

1. They weren’t Covid positive when they left Lahore. (Unless certificates and tests were falsified.) 2. They are now. Did they catch it on the plane? Unlikely. 3. They behaved arrogantly and disrespectfully, and were warned about it. 4. They have ignored the warnings. Conclusion: We have no choice; they should be on the next plane home. Maybe a missed tour will give them time to think about their behavior.

West Indies

Posted on 27-11-2020 11:40 | By leighmac

Why are they not flying out today??


Posted on 27-11-2020 10:04 | By

How dare Pakistan cricket slam our country for poor sportsmanship and tell NZC to behave itself (see NZ Herald article). Tell you what Akhtar, pull your head in boy. If your players break the rules don’t blame shift to NZ. When in Rome you do as the Roman’s do. Our laws are our laws. If your teams can’t abide by our laws then goodbye. I love cricket but would happily see your disrespectful players retued home in disgrace.

Kick them out

Posted on 27-11-2020 07:35 | By Angels

They should be treated like the rest of the world. Not hide behind being cricketers. They should be removed from Nz and not allowed back. Total lack of respect etc. kick them out

A Discussion?

Posted on 26-11-2020 23:48 | By

Really? So they can understand ALL the rules of cricket but they can’t understand 14 days quarantine. Let’s just keep educating while Covid19 cases keep coming into our country. What a load of bollocks. Time to get tough not pre school educating.

OH and I missed !!

Posted on 26-11-2020 21:44 | By The Caveman

The fact that the Asussie New Media are reporting - " Pakistan players caught by CCTV breaking quarantine in Christchurch". YES Pakistan players caught by CCTV breaking quarantine in Christchurch. !!!! Send the LOT home on the nEXT plane out !!

SORRY, and we - NZ are allowing -

Posted on 26-11-2020 21:32 | By The Caveman

These Covid19 infected people into NZ for SPORT !!! DID I MISS SOMETHING ??? We - NZ’rs have been locked down for 9 months - and SUDDENLY overseas SPORT PLAYERS are OK to come into NZ. Let’s get real, the last mob that we need in NZ are sports players from a bit of ASIA where Covid19 is basically TOTALLY OUT CONTROL !!