Pest trap library coming to Whakamarama

People can borrow traps from the Pest Trap Library on Sundays. Supplied images.

Residents will be able to loan a variety of pest traps to assist them in combating rodents on their property this weekend.

On Sunday, from 3pm until 5pm, a pest trap library will be available in the Whakamarama area.

The Pest Trap Library is based on The Little River Pest Trap in the South Island, whereby the library loans locals the right type of predator control device to remove problematic pests like rats, hedgehogs, possums and stoats, says a statement from Whakamarama Community Inc.

Whakamarama Community Inc. is a local group that has been in existence for some years and sees initiatives such as this, along with pest trapping - Friends of the Blade and Puketoki, working to create bike tracks in the Kaimai Range, local water quality measuring, history books and bringing local concerns to councils’ attention.

“The aim is to remove mammalian pests so the birds, trees and wildlife come back to the Whakamarama area and to further support the amazing work volunteers do trapping on a weekly basis up at The Blade and Puketoki.

“The urban backyard trapping program Predator Free BOP have also come onboard with a donation of 10 rat traps to the library. 

Predator Free BOP will be there offering one free rat trap to property owners in the area on Sunday’s opening.

The Pest Trap Library is located at Whakamarama Community Hall, 469 Whakamarama Road

Refreshments will be provided on the day.

How the pest trap library will work:

-initially the library will be open once a week for 2 hours on a Sunday from 3pm until 5pm

-interested borrowers can turn up during this time to loan traps  

-traps can be loaned for an initial three months, with a right to renew traps for a further 3 months max

-bait recommendations and trapping tips will be also provided

-borrowers will be shown how to log their traps on the Predator Free NZ website and record any kills.

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Posted on 25-11-2020 18:48 | By Kancho

Always thought hedgehogs were a good thing in the garden eating slugs and snails beetles other pests etc not themselves a pest to be trapped and killed. ?