Tauranga students to march for road safety

A previous Orange Day Parade. Photo: File Image.

More than 760 local students will flood the Tauranga city streets on Friday to encourage road safety and active travel in their communities.

Tauranga and Western Bay primary and intermediate schools will assemble along The Strand near to the Masonic Park by 9.15am, for the official Orange Day parade opening address by Tauranga Acting Mayor Tina Salisbury.

At 9.30am, students will parade through the inner-city streets with banners they have specially designed in their schools.

“In its 13th year, this celebration acknowledges students who have been working throughout the year to promote road safety and active travel within their school communities,” says a statement from Tauranga City Council.

“Temporary road closures will be in place for 30 minutes or so as students make their way through inner-city streets.”

The affected streets are Wharf St, Willow St, Grey St and Elizabeth St.

The Strand and Devonport Road will be closed from 7am – 10.30am.

The Strand car park will be closed until 11am.

“People are asked to make alternative arrangements for parking on Friday.
“Retailers, friends and family are encouraged to show their support by assembling along the route by 9.30am.

“Travel Safe in partnership with NZ Police and attending dignitaries will award trophies for the best banners at the Edgewater Fan (on the waterfront) at the end of the parade just after 10am.”


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Posted on 26-11-2020 15:34 | By dumbkof2

and the powers that be wonder why the kids are not getting an education. they seem to have more days out of school than the do in school


Posted on 25-11-2020 12:47 | By Kancho

So are teachers encouraging politic expression as it’s a nice day out instead of lessons. Lesson one disrupting people’s use of streets transport and access to the city and business. Loss of business the cost of public demonstration. Lesson two demonstrating won’t win much sympathy nor will it change anything as Tauranga has significant infrastructure problems, roading and transport issues that are largely unfixable with certainty not enough resources anyway. Living in a fast growing city requires compromise and adaption . Still a day off school and s feel good feeling that may wane once it’s realised it won’t make much difference

And Footpath Safety

Posted on 25-11-2020 12:37 | By

Will they also be promoting footpath safety or will they be speeding along the footpath on skateboards, bicycles and lime scooters to promote road safety. (Yes, I know that they’re supposed to be 18 to ride a lime scooter but that’s clearly being ignored.)