Ambulance officers to strike this week

People are being asked to only call 111 during a medical emergency. File photo.

Ambulance officers are planning strike action for both Wednesday and Saturday.

“Ambulance officers from one of our three unions will be striking for 24 hours, mainly impacting Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch,” says a post on the St John New Zealand Facebook page.

This industrial action may impact ambulance services in some cities around New Zealand and could cause delays in getting assistance to non-urgent patients that are not in a time-critical condition, says St John.

“While you can be assured that we will continue to be there for you, we ask everyone to please only call 111 during a medical emergency, such as chest pain, severe bleeding or major accidents.

“There will most likely be a delay for patients with less urgent needs during this time.”

St John says the reason for union members striking is due to an unresolved issue over penal rates.

“We are in collective bargaining with unions that represent ambulance staff and have recently made an unconditional offer to implement the full recommendations of an independent pay review,” says a statement on the St John website.

“We are working positively with two unions who have confirmed they are taking the offer out to their members for ratification.

“There remains a single unresolved issue over penal rates for our third union which will be heard by the Employment Relations Authority and/or the Employment Court in 2021.

“We continue to work in good faith with all unions and hope to reach an agreement that meets the needs of all parties.”


Both this Wednesday and Saturday ambulance officers from one of our three unions will be striking for 24 hours, mainly...

Posted by St John New Zealand on Sunday, 22 November 2020

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All our Health Workers...

Posted on 24-11-2020 11:14 | By morepork

...need our support and understanding, along with a decent living wage and regard for the risks they face. There should never be need for strike action and people in these professions should find other ways to make their dissatisfaction known. We cannot let people die because someone was on strike, and that is not the way for any sector of a critical workforce to gain our attention. I really hope this gets resolved fairly and to the satisfaction of all concerned.

pay our medics

Posted on 24-11-2020 08:14 | By hapukafin

Doctors,nurses and St john medics deserve the pay MPs get.Who do you think has more knowledge and who do you listen to first