Injuries after crash near 12th Ave and Cameron Rd

The crash happened at the intersection of 12th Ave and Cameron Rd. Photo: Supplied

There has been a vehicle collision involving a two cars and a motorcycle near the intersection of Cameron Rd and 12th Ave in Tauranga.

Police were notified of the crash involving the three vehicles at 11.05am.

One person is seriously injured.

"One person - presumably the motorcyclist - is reported to have a broken leg," says a Police spokesperson.

A SunLive reader reports that two people have been taken to hospital by ambulance.

It is unknown whether there are any road or lane closures.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 16-11-2020 10:02 | By

Lots of room for improvement regarding driver’s around Tauranga. LOTS!

When will people learn

Posted on 15-11-2020 14:16 | By

There wouldnt be so many crasrhes if people would leave there bloody phs alone. If you carnt do it say at home and off you bloody phones use your brain you the ones killing or injerying people